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Ask the Student - Master Elektro- und Informationstechnologie.

Stelle deine Fragen unserer Studienbotschafterin Gayathri

Hi, I’m Gayathri Sathyanand, 24 years old and a master’s student in my 4th semester.

Do you have any questions about student life and the Master Electrical Engineering and Information Technology programme? I would be happy to share my experience with you and give you an insight into life as a DIT student. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

  • I'm from: Bangalore, India
  • I speak: Englisch, German, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil und Hindi
  • How to reach me:

Why did I choose this study program?

I chose Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, because of applications of Automation and in-depth knowledge of modern sensor technology and control technology. You will learn not only the theoretical aspects but also on how to apply them in real life and improve your problem-solving skills.

My personal tip to you:

Stay curious and never stop learning about new technologies. Our professors are very encouraging in giving you the freedom to do projects under them in whatever topics that excites you. For me, when I visited the laboratories in our faculty, there were a lot of new technologies which fascinated me. I was always curious, and the professors always helped me and explained those technologies to me.

Good to know:

  • How to find the resources you need, for example, when applying for internships, student work, or a job, then investigate the DIT website and career service newsletter first. This will give you immediately a lot of information.
  • Want to find a student work at DIT? Approach our faculty professors and do some projects that they could offer you in their laboratories. By this, you will get hands-on practical experience with interesting technologies.

That is why you should study at the DIT:

DIT is not only known for excellence in education but also extracurricular activities. There are a lot of clubs in our university, for example, TEDxDIT, First Contact, ESN, Fast Forest, etc. With these clubs, you will experience a lot of international students coming together and working as a team.

My best experience during my studies:

My best experience during my study at DIT was that I was able to learn a lot of new subjects that I found interesting and implementing them in various projects. Apart from that, I am part of the TEDxDIT Club where I met so many international students and organized the TEDx event at our university. Being a part of ESN, I went to many tourist places. And I was a part of many fun activities and events such as Taste the World, Karaoke night, etc at the university and I made a lot of friends during this journey. Living in Deggendorf, I also experienced Frühlings-Fest and Donau-Fest which are the famous beer festivals. I also have a Host Family which is organized by the university, I visit them very often. They make me feel at home and I learnt a lot about the Bavarian culture. Being a part of DIT is one of the best decisions I have made! It has helped me grow
as a person and experience the best moments of my life :-)


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