If you decide to work as a construction manager, you will be the driving force behind your projects. In job descriptions, you will often also find the description as project manager or project leader for your qualification. You are responsible for the coordination and management of challenging construction projects. You know the status of the project at all times and ensure its progress and success with your decisions. This often involves setting priorities or initiating countermeasures. In detail, your task can begin with the tendering and awarding of planning services, i.e. you negotiate with external specialist planners or service providers and direct their use in the project. Responsibility for your own staff is also possible in this job. The finances of the project are always in your field of vision. From a technical point of view, you are the one who pulls the strings, and at the end of the day you approve the planning results and construction work.


Other directions you can take professionally are:

  • Working in project management as the client's representative
  • As a planning manager, BIM coordinator or BIM manager
  • As a calculator in construction companies
  • As a project developer for construction projects
  • A job in public building administration
  • Large transport companies and amusement parks are also looking for construction managers.