If you are looking for a fully accredited business degree that integrates high academic standards with international experience, then we have a program designed specifically to meet your needs. Our International Management BA program meets the demands of students who are seeking a global perspective on a management career.

You´ll learn how to do business as a global player and gain valuable leadership skills and intercultural awareness combined with a full spectrum of strategic management, marketing, finance and other relevant skills.

We offer not only one of the first international management programs in Germany to be taught 100% in English, but we also top the list of CHE employability ratings for bachelor degrees in business. Our goal is to train you to fill the growing demand for multilingual, multicultural managers, who can lead dynamic companies across cultures and borders.


Degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Duration 7 Semesters (including two semester abroad)
Course language English
Campus Deggendorf
Admission requirements Admissions restricted, for details please see our dedicated applications section.
Prior knowledge Business knowledge is advantageous.
Postgrad > Master Human Resource Management
> Master Strategisches und Internationales Management
Fees No tuition fees, only €52 student service fee per semester
Double Degree Option for a double degree with a choice of universities around the world

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