Die Keynote wird in diesem Jahr von Marie-José Baartmans, der Gründerin und Besitzerin der Firma BREYTNER EV in Rotterdam, Niederlande gehalten.

Marie-José BaartmansMarie-José Baartmans (41), educated at the University of Applied Science in Rotterdam faculty of Economics,  has a background in a family owned transport company, based in Rotterdam. In 2014, together with two partners, she founded BREYTNER Zero Emission Transport Company. During the following 4 years she became a leading entrepreneur in the Dutch Transport Industry not by size of fleet, but by implementing innovative zero emission concepts, sharing knowledge and participating in EU projects as well as advising the Dutch government and branche organisations on the topics around zero emission city distribution. 

BREYTNER is Europe’s first core business Zero Emission Transport company. With a fleet of 19-tons fully electric trucks BREYTNER focuses on B2B and B2C inner city distribution, with ZERO IMPACT on city areas. No noise, no emissions and with a passion for innovations. BREYTNER has more than 175.000 electric kilometres driven and a wide spread experience in deploying zero emission heavy duty Vehicles. And now ready to take the next step with investing in the Tesla Semi truck and testing a hydrogen 26 tonnes truck (By VDL) in 2019. BREYTNER proofs the feasibility of a zero emission business case on a daily bases.  

Flyer - 3. Deggendorfer Fachsymposium "Elektromobilität der Zukunft"

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