Vinicius Marin, exchange student from BRAZIL

*O que nos gostamos em Deggendorf?*

"Deggendorf apesar de ser uma cidade pequena tem uma infraestrutura muito boa e é perfeita para uma vida estudantil, tudo é perto e você dificilmente vai sentir falta de um carro andando na ciclo via que conecta toda a cidade as margens dos afluentes do rio Danúbio. O custo de vida também não é caro comparado a grandes cidades como Munique e Berlin o que deixa Deggendorf atrativa e viável".

*O que foi melhor na faculdade THD ?*

"Na universidade além de salas de aula bem equipadas e bons professores o contato entre o meio acadêmico e profissional é muito grande, o número de empresas desenvolvendo projetos junto aos estudantes é impressionante e devido a isso as portas para novas oportunidades estão sempre abertas".

*Diferenças entre *Alemanha e Brasil?

"São muitas, desde paisagens ao estilo de vida, mas o que mais me impressiona é a infraestrutura, tudo funciona bem: transporte público, trânsito, segurança e por ai vai..."

*Como são os Alemães?*

"São muito educados e prestativos, varias vezes me encontrei perdido em alguma situação e sempre encontrei alguém disposto a ajudar, e foi algo que me surpreendeu muito pois a primeira instância eles parecem bravos e fechados mas assim que você começa a conhecê-los fica claro a simpatia e solicidade do povo alemão".

*3 razões para escolher a Alemanha?*

"Como estudante eu diria: Praticidade no cotidiano, ela é referência em qualquer área da engenharia e claro boas universidades".

Mayara Nunes Gabriel, exchange student from BRAZIL

What do you like about Deggendorf?

Despite being a small town it has a very good infrastructure and is perfect for a student life, everything is close and you will hardly miss a car walking in the cycle route that connects the whole city to the banks of the tributaries of the Danube. The living costs are also not expensive compared to bigger cities in Germany like Munich and Berlin which makes Deggendorf attractive and viable.

What was the best thing on campus?

At university, in addition to well-equipped classrooms and good teachers, the contact between the academic and professional environment is very big, the number of companies developing projects with students is impressive and because of this the doors to new opportunities are always open.

What are the differences between Germany and Brazil?

There are many, from landscapes to lifestyle, but what impresses me (about Germany) the most is the infrastructure, everything works well: public transportation, traffic, security and so on... How are the Germans? They are very polite and helpful, several times I found myself lost in some situation and always found someone willing to help, and it was something that surprised me a lot because at first instance they seemed to be a kind of cold people in the own, but as soon as you get to know them is clear the sympathy and solicitude of the German people.

3 reasons to choose Germany?

As a student I would say: Practicality in everyday life, it is a good reference in any area of engineering and of course has good universities.

Qais Sunna, exchange student from JORDAN

Presently studying Mechatronics on the General Engineering exchange programme

"My name is Qais Sunna', I am 22 years old. I came from Jordan to Deggendorf on 25th Feb. 2017 as an exchange student at Technische Hochschule Deggendorf. I study mechatronics and I am currently in my 8th semester.

As we all do know, nothing is perfect.  However, my experience here at DIT was close to perfection.  I have not been here for a long time, but certainly enough to tell you why I would recommend DIT to you.
When I first came here at Deggendorf, the university was kind enough to provide us with a pickup service, where some students welcomed us and helped us with our luggage.
The university is quiet medium sized but enough for you to get to know to it and be comfy in a short amount of time, also it is located in a central location where it is almost near to any other place. The staff is super friendly and helpful, so if you were a student looking for studying abroad in Germany, I can tell you that DIT is a must :)."

Francis Catherine Tenorio Rodriguez, regular student from COLUMBIA

Presently studying Enviromental Engineering

“My first experience with the THD was my exchange semester in the General Engineering Program. It was an incredible experience getting to know a new country and its culture. Having classmates from different cities of the world allowed me to make international contacts and to develop as a person empathy towards others. I enjoyed every single trip and event that the University and AKI organized. The support and orientation from the international office members helped me to stay longer at the THD and continue as a regular student in the faculty of Environmental Engineering. Nowadays I am in 4th Semester and I have a part time student job as international tutor giving support the new regular students.

I am just grateful in every aspect with the THD and I recommend to 100% the THD as university to make your studies abroad.” 

Barbara Kralovicova, regular student from SLOVAKIA

Presently studying International Management

“I have been studying in Deggendorf ever since 2012. Deciding to study in Germany and choosing Deggendorf Institute of Technology as my university was definitely one of the best choices I have made in my life. The school is very vibrant and overflows with different kind of students and nationalities, while still keeping its pride as a proper cultural centre of Bavarian culture. The breath-taking nature surroundings of black forest and Danube perfectly complement the historical look of the city centre. During the summer semester, everyone goes out and enjoys the hot weather while barbequing next to the water, while during the winter semester you can enjoy watching Deggendorf hockey team play.  The words can hardly describe the feeling I have every time I am entering this city.

However, I feel like the people I am surrounded by, play the most crucial role in my enjoyment of this place. Every day brings something new, new adventure, new unexplored places and new people from different corners of the world. I can honestly say, that some of my best friends and favourite memories are made at THD and in Deggendorf.

The structure of lectures lets you push yourself and bring the best there is in you. Lectures relate to small group works and discussions within them.  I always feel like my opinion is being valued and that most of the professors take us as equals and play a big role in our future advancement. Even though I am a foreign student I fully feel like part of German community and I have been greatly supported throughout my studies at this university, whether it was moral or financial support.

The opportunities of studying at this university are countless and I can only recommend it to anyone that wishes to study in here."

Alejandro Valdes Romero, exchange student from MEXICO

March  – December 2016, General Engineering

“Doing an internship in Germany is worth all the effort you must put in to get it. I made my internship with Siemens Healthcare in Kemnath. I was in an automation project and they really gave me important responsibilities that challenged me and made me better. Besides of working and learning a lot, it also gave me the opportunity to make little trips due to the flexible schedule. The THD Career Service helped me a lot, checking my resume, trained me for my interview, and much more.
Maybe you will not get into your first option, but there are a lot of great companies, where you can develop your skills and have fun."

Barbara Tiergarten, exchange student from BRAZIL

September 2012 – July 2013, International Management

“My first impression about Deggendorf and the university was very positive. Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences offers many programs to help the students for example Host Family program and Tandem program, where you can practice German language and also make a new friend. There is students’ club called AKI, which helps foreign students with orientation and filling in the forms. AKI Club organizes parties, trips and some nice activities during the semester.  Help from AKI and International Office makes you really feel comfortable in HDU. The courses are in English so it is easy to communicate. The professors have a good knowledge and they are all open to discussion and suggestions. The learning methods are a little bit different compared to Brazil. Here the teacher interacts with students all the time and we have the opportunity to ask questions freely. At first I felt a little uncomfortable because the systematic is quite different and I was a bit lost, but it didn’t take too long to adapt myself. The professors always encourage students to spend one semester abroad and help to find an internship or job by sending emails with opportunities frequently. The city is really small and cozy and I can feel safe any time. There are many options of student dormitories and they are all nice. I recommend the Deggendorf University of Applied Science because it is really prepared for all kinds of students, is receptive and you get to know people and the city in a short time. The atmosphere is welcoming.”

Denisse Ayala, exchange student from ECUADOR

September 2012 – July 2013, International Management

“It was a long journey to get here, but once I got here, all my expectations were nothing but right.
The DIT really opens the door for many students to have an amazing experience, to get to know the culture and make great friends of different nationalities.
When I got here I was not quite sure what to expect. The lectures, the professors, the classmates, everything is so different from my home country. But something that I can be sure of, is that the people are very friendly and you really feel welcome always in every situation.
The time is short in Deggendorf, the words can´t describe so many wonderful experiences. Knowing that so many people are dedicated to help you to make your stay abroad an unforgettable experience is very rewarding. I am very grateful to the DIT for an experience that I will never forget.”

Kornelia Getler, exchange student from POLAND

"I came to Deggendorf because I knew that I would fit in and that I could actively contribute to the community. The University and the town are not that big so it’s very easy to get to know other students. There is something about this small Bavarian town which makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed."

Krastyo Stoychev, student from BULGARIA

Das Studium an der Technische Hochschule Deggendorf bietet nicht nur eine hochqualitative Ausbildung, aufgrund der familiären Verhältnisse zwischen Professoren und Studierenden, sondern auch eine ausgezeichnete Unterstützung für die Internationalen Studenten.

Das International Office stellt nicht nur Zahlreiche Veranstaltungen zur Wahl, sondern hilft uns internationale Studierenden auch dabei, problemlos durchs Studium zur kommen.

Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich mich für THD entschieden habe.

Myron De La Paz, regular student from the USA

September 2012 – February 2016, International Management

“Deggendorf and the DIT might just as well be among Bavaria’s best-kept secrets.
Nestled at the foot of the Bavarian foothills, this little town sure has a lot to offer, especially to those with a nature-loving spirit. With the Danube on one side and the Bavrian Forest on the other, nature enthusiasts have a wide range of landscapes to enjoy. From rowing in the summer to skiing in the winter, all of this will be at your fingertips in the event that you do choose to stay at Deggendorf.
The university itself, just like the litte town whose name it bears, has a lot to offer, especially in the sphere of internationalism. Thanks to the efforts of the IM program and the Interntional Office, DIT truly does have an international atmosphere to it, despite the fact that it is located deep in Bavaria. With a healthy influx of exchange students and regular foreign students, such as myself, DIT is deniably international in character. The internationalism doesn’t stop there. For regular IM students, it is required to stay abroad for at least one semester as an exchange student in order to broaden students’ horizons and encourage them to experience the world outside.
Although the first impression many a foreign student gets upon stepping off the train in Deggendorf is that he has chosen to study in the middle of nowhere, because oft the mix of the many exchange students whom DIT hosts every semester and the presence of clubs and bars, life in this small town does not have to be “boring.” In fact, most exchange students may find themselves a litte too distracted by all the partying and clubbing that they end up doing.
For those with itchy feet like me, there are many wonderful places to visit around Deggendorf. For example, we have charming little towns like Straubing and Passau, which you can reach in about thirty minutes. The Austrian border is just a stone’s throw away, and so is the Czech border, which means Prague is not too far away either. If you know how to, you can get there in five hours, and for less than the cost of going to Munich! Of course the Bavarian capital is nonetheless an experience to be had, and by train it is just an hour and a half away. And thanks to the Bayern Ticket, a special train fare offer, one has the opportunity to reach just about any corner of the largest German state for a reasonable price.
Personally, I am quite satisfied with my choice to embark on the IM journey as a regular student. The town and its location suit me well, and so does the wondrous beauty of its nature. The IM program and its structure also suit my preferences as a citizen of the world, and the regular arrival of young people from different parts of the globe can surely make the IM / DIT encounter a truly interesting experience.”

Romana Hofmanova, exchange student from SLOVAKIA

"Studying in Deggendorf is really enriching and convenient. I have been studying here for two years. My impressions of Deggendorf and the university are very positive. I love the way, how the town works. People do not hurry too much and everybody is very kind and nice. That helps a lot when arranging important things with the International Office and other departments at the university. From time to time there are very nice events organized in the city. Students love especially Frühlingsfest which is a very traditional Bavarian event with lots of traditional food and music.

I love studying at Deggendorf Institute of Technology. I am studying English International Management program. Courses at the university are taught in a very interesting way, professors usually try to cover lots of practical examples. Thanks to attending one course, I could even visit BMW plant which was really valuable experience. We also have many lectures with foreign professors who are real experts in their field and have lots of practical experiences.
Reason, why I decided to come to Deggendorf, was besides others my intention to learn German language. Even though it is difficult to find people speaking proper German, since a lot of them speak Bavarian, I could improve my German language skills significantly. I would never change my decision about studying at Deggendorf Institute of Technology. High quality of dormitories, services at the university, easy availability of all you need and very nice people around me made Deggendorf my second home."

Tri Meta Liaztiza Puteri, exchange student from INDONESIA

Academically, DIT has good rankings in Germany and learning structures are really well prepared and professional. All the professors also treat all the students very well. There was no distance between them, so we were free to ask questions and express opinions.

I never regretted choosing Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences. I have learned a lot and gained valuable experience by studying here in an international environment. This was a truly amazing and challenging experience for me, for all exchange students, and even for German students themselves.”

“Heeeeey .... if you want to know more, you should be here!!!”

YangYang Lv, exchange student from INDONESIA

 “Initially I chose this college because I was impressed of the unique name of this city "Deggendorf". I found Deggendorf to be friendly and peaceful urban environment, which is good for learning. 

After I was accepted in Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences and after following AKI orientation week I was really amazed about all the new people I got to know. I would have never thought I would get so many friends from all over the world. People were all really nice and pleasant to me. I saw that International Office is really active and is in the most important role in promoting the campus on international scale.

If we look at the environment and the design of the campus, I think this is one of the colleges that has a good environment and is suitable for studying, like in my home university “State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta”. University Deggendorf is designed to focus not only learn but also to be able to socialize and exchange opinions among individuals in order to get to know one another. Not all campuses have an interesting design like this, and supported by an excellent infrastructure. An excellent infrastructure is also supported by high technology. In the class we have all the technology needed for everyday learning. Not surprisingly, Germany is the famous for its beauty and sophisticated technology, and that is also one of the greatnesses of this campus. 


Antonio Candido Rodrigues Rapozo, exchange student from CEFET/RJ in BRAZIL

"Ich glaube, dass technische Innovationen das Leben der Menschen vereinfacht und verbessert. Deshalb habe ich nicht zweimal überlegt als ich die Gelegenheit bekam ein Austauschjahr zu machen: Deutschland, das Land der Technik.

Neben meinem Studium an der Technischen Hochschule Deggendorf arbeitete ich im Fahrwerk bei dem Formula Student Team, Fast Forest. Die Technische Hochschule Deggendorf gab mir die Möglichkeit nicht nur die Einheit von Theorie und Praxis, sondern ein erfolgreiches deutsches Engineering-Unternehmen durch ein Praktikum von innen zu sehen. Die Studenten und die Lehrer zusammen mit den Mitarbeitern sind sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit.Deshalb konnte ich auch mein Deutsch verbessern und Freundschaften schließen."


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