International tourism generates billions of euros annually and is still one of the fastest-growing industries. Depending upon whether it is business or pleasure, the hospitality and event management sectors also benefit from – and add to the experience of – international tourism, and are inextricably linked to it. Taking into account these associated areas only makes the overall sector more lucrative and appealing.

In this postgraduate degree, students broaden their expertise and deepen their knowledge of cross-sector industries in the health and tourism sector, such as spas, prevention centres, rehab clinics, sports centres, recreation, leisure and culture centres. The following global tourism trends will be included in this Masters programme:

  • Health and wellness tourism due to demographic change and rising health consciousness
  • Continued globalization and urbanization of destination package deals, the development of new international destinations
  • Increased digitization in the tourism industry through website booking engines
  • Increased customization of travel packages with so-called “dynamic packaging“
  • Social networks as a communication base for marketing and travel destination reviews
  • Trends towards ecological, green tourism


  • Master of Arts (M.A.)


  • 3 semesters


  • March (summer semester)


Admission requirements

Course language

  • English


  • No tuition fees, only €52 student services fee per semester


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