Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Economics (School of Management) at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology!

The faculty has more than 2000 undergraduates, MBA and Master students, and a range of 20 undergraduate, MBA and Master programmes, making it the largest faculty in the university.
The range of diverse courses are adapted to the needs of the commercial job market as well as the interests of the students. The full-time bachelor degrees that we offer are "International Management", "Tourism Management ", "Business Administration",  "Applied Economics" and "Business Computer Science". However, we also offer part-time bachelor course in order to make it easier for professionals to study, which are: "Mobility Management, "Business Management", "Nursing Education" and "Economic Computer Science". MBA and Master degrees are available as both full-time and part-time courses. We offer Masters in "Strategic and International Management", "Public Management ", Risk and Compliance Management", "Human Resource Management” and "Business Computer Science". The MBA programme consists of "General Management", "Business Creation and Management" and "Health Care Management".

Our degree courses involve both theoretical and practical aspects, to fully prepare our highly motivated graduates for their respective careers in companies home and abroad. Many elements contribute to the successful preparation, such as work experience, indepth industrial expertise combined with excellent knowledge of the sciences, the outstanding professors, academic staff and course assistants, and a highly motivated administrative support.

Students, the Faculty of Applied Economics (School of Management) here at DIT will be an important element in your professional career!

Prof. Waldemar Berg

Dean of the Faculty of Applied Economics (School of Management)


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