Current Information Concerning the Summer Semester

24 April 2020

New regulations valid as of 27 April:


You are obliged to wear a mask:  Masks must be worn on entering the building. This is a rule for everyone except staff in their respective office. In the wooden cottage in front of the mensa, there will be a mask sale between 9am to 5pm (as long as supply lasts), re-usable masks with DIT logo 5€ and disposable masks 1€.

The library will offer lending only from 9am – 5pm, however, students don’t have to make an appointment in advance.

  • Students may enter the library and chose books by themselves and take them to the counter.
  • The number of people in the library will be limited to no more than 10 visitors in the Deggendorf library and 5 in the ECRI library at the same time.
  • Only a short stay in the library is allowed (chose your books and checkout), no reading or studying in the library and no pc research either.
  • The rooms in the ITC2 building will be open 9am – 5pm, the key can be acquired as usual.
  • The number of people in the ITC rooms will be limited to 1 person/5square metres. Masks have to be worn if more than one person is in the room.
  • Library staff will check on the regulations and disobeying will lead to a ban from the premises.
  • Minimal staff will be working at the library and they will be split up into several groups changing between home office and being present on campus.

Computer rooms can be used for lectures if the software can only be accessed on campus. The following rules apply:

  • Maks must be worn by students on entering the building. The mask can be taken off if a distance of 1.5m can be guaranteed (sitting at your workspace at the computer).
  • Disobeying this rule will lead to a ban from the premises.
  • For educational staff in the computer labs, FFP2 masks can be provided by Ms. Kaiser-Ernst.
  • Regular desinfection of keyboards and so on will be carried out by lab staff.
  • Room will be aired for at least 5min / hour.
  • Signs with this information will be put up at every room.


08 April 2020

Exams in the 2020 summer semester

DIT decides on framework for the organisation and carrying out of exams.

DIT’s examination board, in very close coordination with the Senate and Centre for Studies created a framework, which serves as a guideline and benchmark for all decisions regarding the organisation of exams in this semester. You will certainly have many questions on the subject of exams and exam organisation, be it from the perspective of the participants, be it from the perspective of the organisation or simply because you are often the first point of contact. So let me be first answer to your questions the decisions of our The meeting is summarised below. Our aim is to shape this semster as smooth as possible for our students despite the difficulties and severely limited study and exam situation in this semester.  The senate of the university gives us the freedom for our project by suspending §§ 5 - 7 and 10 until 30.09.2020 These paragraphs mainly concern deadlines that our students would in many cases not be able to meet. From 20.04. at the latest, all lecturers will make the contents of their subjects available in digital form. They have been obliged to do so by the President, but of course it is also their own concern, so that you, the students, can get through this difficult semester to come. The President requests that you inform your Deans of Studies or Deans about where you might need even better support

  • With regard to time limits, the deadlines of the previous winter semester 19/20 and the current summer semester have been shifted by 2 semesters. This applies to second and third attempts, basic and orientation examinations, deadlines and the standard period of study. Furthermore, it concerns regulations which only indirectly represent a deadline (e.g. minimum number of credit points, etc.).


  • It may be concluded from this that participation in the exams is  voluntary. Furthermore, it applies that the courses taken in this semester, but not passed exams will be marked as if you had not taken part in the tests. And finally, you can refuse the grade awarded to you within 14 days of the date of the notice. Also, such an examination is then deemed not to have taken place (i.e. "effective withdrawal").


  • The forms of examination may differ from those laid down in the relevant study and examination regulations. For example, in order to reduce attendance examinations as far as possible, topics for student research projects may be carried out in a video conference instead, possibly in connection with an examination interview. However, other forms of electronic testing are expressly not permitted.


  • The examination period for regular (attendance) examinations is set at 18.07 - 31.07.2020. For repeat examinations, the examination period is from 01.06. - 31.08.2020. The examination boards will create examination plans for specific courses of study. In principle, exams for all subjects are offered; overall module examinations may be split. The examination schedules are published by the Centre for Studies on the university's website at least 4 weeks before the first examination mentioned in the schedule. The announcement of grades for all courses of study will be published on 31.08.2020 be.


  • Registrations for the examinations may be made from the date of publication until at least 14 days before the actual examination. There are no admission requirements in this semester; you will be admitted to the examinations in any case. Although it is not necessary to cancel your registration or report that you are ill, the Centre for Studies nevertheless urgently requests that you cancel your registration if you can foresee that you will not be able to take a registered examination.


  • An extension of the deadline shall apply to ongoing final papers. The new deadline is determined by our decision to stop the "deadline clock" on 15.03.2020, so to speak. The Examination Committee will decide in due course when the deadline clock will start again.


  • On the subject of the practical semester and practice-related courses, we expect a Bavaria-wide recommendation from the coordination office. All decisions in this regard are the responsibility of the internship officers of the faculties. In all probability, the possibility will be created to provide replacements for internships that are partially or completely cancelled through no fault of the student.

31 March 2020

DIT is starting immediately in all faculties with increased provision of teaching content in electronic form.

Professors and lecturers are now beginning to hold virtual lectures according to the usual schedule in real time - students should ask their respective lecturers directly for details.

By 20 April 2020 at the latest, contents for all planned lectures should be available in electronic form.


17 March 2020

Closure of access to the buildings of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Dear students,
We ask for your understanding that due to the current danger of infection by the corona virus, all DIT buildings are no longer accessible to students until further notice.

Current information for students:


Updated information on the postponed start of the semester / online semester for hochschule dual can be found here:



FAQs Exchange Students - Summer Semester 2020

1. Can I stay at DIT even though the International Office has recommended to interrupt my semester abroad?
Of course it is absolutely possible to stay, this is entirely up to you. Students who decide not to return to their home countries must be aware that the restrictions will go on, social distancing is still necessary to an indefinite period and also during the next few weeks there will be significant restrictions disrupting daily life.

2. What will be the procedure if I stay here?
a. Inform us by e-mail to
b. Check your e-mails, the iLearn portal and the DIT homepage regularly. Any important updates will be published there.
c. If you have not done so yet, please enroll for your iLearn courses.
d. “Flexi-Semester”:

  • As of April 20th, all lectures will be offered online.
  • Exams will either be held online or on campus. The university is currently elaborating a strategy to offer as many online exams as possible. Further information will be provided as soon as possible.

3. What else do I have to take into account if I stay?
a. Health Insurance
Please note that it is absolutely necessary that all exchange students who are enrolled for the summer semester 2020 have a valid German public health insurance. The German public health insurance will cover all costs if you need treatment in the event of a COVID-19 infection. EU-students: The EHIC gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare under the same conditions as people insured in Germany.

b. Bank account
Please refer to your Orientation Week group leader as soon as possible if you have not completed the bank account opening process yet.
Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1
94469 Deggendorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 991 3615-0
Fax: +49 991 3615-297

4. What will be the procedure if I decide to return to my home country and cancel my enrolment at DIT?
a. Contact your home university and discuss your decision with them. ERASMUS students: Your home university will provide you with further information concerning the ERASMUS grant. Inform us by e-mail to We will send you all documents which are required to cancel your enrollment here at DIT.

b. Cancel your German health insurance for the date of your departure.

c. Contact your dormitory/landlord to cancel your rental agreement. Before leaving, arrange an appointment for a room inspection (otherwise you will not get back your deposit). Some dormitories will only refund the rent if there is a tenant after you. If you have difficulties to get back your rent, please contact us. It is very likely that your rent will not be reimbursed. Although DIT is in constant discussion with the landlords we might not be successful here. So, please be prepared to lose money. The International Office has published a call for students who still need an accommodation for the summer semester 2020, though.

d. In regards of your study and your ECTS we will find a good solution with your home university soon.

5. What will be the procedure if I decide to return to my home country and follow the online courses from there?
a. Discuss with your lecturers whether it will be possible to complete your lectures online (including final examination).
b. Inform us by e-mail to We will send you all documents which are required to cancel your registration at the town of Deggendorf.
c. Contact your dormitory/landlord to cancel your rental agreement. Before leaving, arrange an appointment for a room inspection (otherwise you will not get back your deposit). Some dormitories will only refund the rent if there is a tenant after you (please double check the information in your rental agreement). It is very likely that your rent will not be reimbursed.
d. Close your German bank account before departure. This can only be done by sending an informal letter, including your original signature, to Commerzbank. It is not possible to close your bank account online or by e-mail.
e. Take into consideration that you will have to keep your German health insurance for the entire duration of the summer semester, even thoughyou will no longer be in Germany. It is required by law that all students who are enrolled at a German university need a German public health insurance or an equivalent to this.

Deggendorf Institute of Technology
Dieter-Görlitz-Platz 1
94469 Deggendorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 991 3615-0
Fax: +49 991 3615-297

6. Whom should I refer to if it is not possible to return to my home country due to entry restrictions?
In this case, please directly refer to the consulate/embassy of your home country in Germany. If you need any support with this, please let us know.

7. Whom should I refer to if I feel sick?
If you do not feel well, please contact us on or by phone: +49 991 3615 253. We can put you in contact with a doctor and provide translators if required. We are very sorry for all the inconvenience the virus causes but we are still full of hope that the situation is getting better and you have some nice experiences in
Deggendorf ahead, if you decide to stay. For those who’d rather return home:
Thank you for your trust to come here in the first place. You are always very welcome to pay us a visit in the future. Have a save trip home!
To all of you: stay healthy!
The International Office Team

16 March 2020

Closing of the library

Against the background of the spread of the corona virus, the library of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology has been closed to the public until April 19, 2020, as ordered by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art.
We consider ourselves fortunate that we have been able to license a large number of e-books in recent years, so that a great deal of content will be available to you during this period until the start of lectures.
If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the library staff at or by phone at 0991/3615-705. We are sure you will get all the support you need.
The information provided here will be updated as required.

12 March 2020

Dear students,

Yesterday afternoon, the Extended University Board met and the matters below were decided. Please note that all decisions are subject to change. We do not know how the Corona Pandemic will develop in Germany and what measures will be taken by the state or federal government that may also affect our university life directly or indirectly.

  • As already announced, the campus events will begin on April 20.
  • Digital self-study materials will be available on iLearn from 16 March.  We recommend that you make intensive use of the time until 20 April. Since the offerings of the various faculties vary, any questions regarding this will be answered directly by the individual faculties. Information will also be available on the websites of the individual faculties by 16 March at the latest.
  • Taking into account the situation today (12 March), the aim is to complete the summer semester - attendance lectures, digital courses, examinations - on 31 July.

We will keep you informed about further developments via website, social media and emails. Questions about the study programme should be addressed directly to the study centre or the respective faculties.