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latest covid update

DIT hygiene concept (as of 25 November 2022)



Currently valid Covid rules since 9 May 2022

From now on, masks are no longer mandatory at DIT, not even on meeting areas and traffic routes inside buildings.

As basic protection for all of us, the following continues to apply in consultation with the crisis team and the staff council:

  • Wearing masks (FFP2 mask, OP mask or also casual mask) is still recommended, as well as maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 m.
  • Please continue to ventilate regularly.
  • Access is still prohibited if you have symptoms typical of a coronavirus infection or if you have been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection.

Should there be any changes due to the pandemic situation, we will of course inform you again as soon as possible.




Infection protection concept of DIT




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Is it rude not to shake hands?

Shaking hands can transmit a variety of viruses and bacteria. Not only cold and flu viruses are distributed in this way, but also the pathogens of eye infections and gastro-intestinal infections such as salmonella and noroviruses are passed on to other people. We are aware that shaking hands or giving hands is considered a form of politeness. However, especially now in times of flu and colds, the risk of infection is considerably increased. Therefore, if you want to do without shaking hands, this is certainly not a rudeness, but rather a purely protective measure that is currently also indicated.