Every year in December at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, speakers from the industry report their current research during an acoustic seminar.


The scientific conference takes place as a public event of the technical committees „Auditory Acoustics“ und „Electro Acoustics“ of the ITG und the DEGA. All interested parties from domestic and international industry are welcome.

The seminar promotes the cooperation between companies and institutions of higher education by presenting current developments, methods and new technologies to students and experts on a scientific basis. This event opens up possibilities for students for future internships, bachelor's and master's theses when establishing contacts with the speakers.

Range of subjects



  • Sound and studio engineering
  • Sound design
  • Elektro acoustics
  • Psycho acoustics
  • Microphon and loudspeaker technology
  • Room acoustics
  • Power driven vehicle acoustics
  • Acoustic simulation technology
  • Audio and video coding
  • Digital signal processing


03.12.19: Virtuelle Akustik (Agenda und Abstracts)

Previous events



  1. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 04.12.06
    Raumakustik und Wandlertechnologien (Agenda)
  2. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 03.12.07
    Codierverfahren für Mehrkanalton (Agenda)
  3. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 01.12.08
    Sounddesign (Agenda)
  4. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 01.12.09
    Produktakustik (Agenda)
  5. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 07.12.10
    Psychoakustische Anwendungen (Agenda und Abstracts)
  6. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 06.12.2011
    Virtuelle Akustik (Agenda und Abstracts)
  7. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 11.12.2012
    Audiosysteme im Automobil (Agenda und Abstracts)
  8. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 26.11.2013
    Soundoptimierung (Agenda und Abstracts)
  9. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 02.12.2014
    Akustische Messtechnik (Agenda und Abstracts)
  10. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 01.12.2015
    Akustische Mess- und Beurteilungsmethoden (Agenda und Abstracts)
  11. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 06.12.2016
    Akustische Simulationstechniken (Agenda und Abstracts)
  12. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 05.12.2017
    Akustische Analysemethoden (Agenda und Abstracts)
  13. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 04.12.2018
    3D-Audio (Agenda und Abstracts)
  14. Deggendorfer Akustik-Seminar 04.12.2018
    Virtuelle Akustik (Agenda und Abstracts)


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