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Certified Data Centre Manager.

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Your motivation

Data centers are not only looking for qualified personnel throughout Germany who are able to manage these highly complex buildings. The demand is huge, the market is empty.

With our advanced training program, we offer the opportunity to train personnel precisely tailored to this job description. For employees in data centers, it offers the necessary know-how for the start of an exciting and challenging job description.

Our motivation

A data center is a complex system in which several technical trades must be interlinked faultlessly under a business management at the highest level.

In order to achieve this, an understanding of the sensitive interaction of different technical areas with the other trades is required.

With our certified continuing education program, we are reacting to the fact that there is no university education for technical computer center management. Specialists with many years of experience in this field impart this know-how so that the participants gain a deeper knowledge of the individual trades and acquire cross-interface skills.


As a recognised institution for further education, the Weiterbildungszentrum der Technischen Hochschule Deggendorf together with dc-ce RZ-Beratung, an independent planner of computer centers, has developed a two-stage further education program called "Certified Computer Center Manager". All topics important for data center operation are covered and taught at the level necessary for management understanding.

The training is practice-oriented and offers participants a wide range of opportunities: From conducting exercises in technically equipped workrooms to rehearsing emergency situations in a research and test computer centre.


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Target Group

The training is aimed at (future) employees in data centers who have technical knowledge, preferably in the fields of electrical engineering, air conditioning / refrigeration technology or related areas, and who want to understand and operate the data center system in its entirety and complexity.

Organisational matters


  •     Part 1: Planned start summer 2019
  •     Part 2: Planned start still open
  •     Training days are Friday and Saturday


The participation fee is 8,900 EUR per part and includes 12 training days each, including participant documentation and catering.

Training locations:

Practical orientation is the main focus of this training. Therefore, the blocks of events take place at different training locations to enable practical exercises and demonstrations on technical equipment.

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology has 15 years of experience in academic in-service training and has spacious, modern classrooms and a suitable infrastructure. In Deggendorf, participants gain an insight into the university's operations.

The dc-ce RZ-Beratung has workrooms for the areas of air conditioning/refrigeration technology, electrical engineering in the white room as well as fire protection and security technology on the Frankfurt congress floor stockzwo. Here the participants will find technology to touch, measure and practice.

A further highlight is the research and test computer centre in Berlin: In the fully equipped computer centre, practical exercises for site acceptance tests and experiments with air conditioning technology are carried out.


The scientific director of the DIT's computing centre, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Josef Schneeberger, has initiated the course in cooperation with the continuing education centre of DIT as patron.

Highly qualified and experienced instructors from the TH Deggendorf and dc-ce RZ Beratung are available to conduct the course. All lecturers of the further education centre are evaluated in each seminar and receive feedback afterwards. In the fields of business administration and law, practitioners who belong to the permanent pool of lecturers of the DIT's Further Education Centre and are regularly successfully engaged give lectures.

Management, standards and all technical topics concerning the planning and operation of a data center are taught by highly experienced data center planners and operators. These speakers also work in associations, committees and standardization committees and are thus actively involved in the development of new computer center solutions.


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  • If you have any questions about the part-time university certificate programme, please contact Ms Jana Herbst.