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Cultural Companion in Health.

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Own, foreign, common - Creating cultural encounters in care

Living together with different cultural backgrounds is a topic of today - and certainly also one of the future. The university certificate "Cultural Companion in Health Professions" offers stimulating and solution-oriented perspectives in this regard.

The focus is on cultural issues that arise in the nursing cooperation with patients, residents, relatives, nursing staff, assistants, therapists and doctors from different countries.

The contents and methods can be transferred and expanded to other cultural dimensions later on, either on their own initiative and/or in constructive seminars, e.g. with regard to generations, graduates from nursing training and studies (in a quality-oriented skill & degree mix), questions of corporate culture or nursing understanding.


Concrete team and care situations are illuminated with inter- and transcultural models and experiences, new or dormant potentials are tested. The seminar days combine answers in the search for cultural patterns with an interest in the individual perspectives of the participants and inspire respectful encounters in care and teamwork.

The aim is to provide orientation and reflection on questions that can arise in encounters with people from different countries. In essence, the aim is to look at one's own, foreign and common ground, to process the findings in a way that shapes relationships and to be able to integrate the corresponding experiences into everyday life.

The following modules will be developed together:

  • What is culture? Perception, observation, interpretation
  • Between "cultural standards" and individual lifestyle
  • Language as a key in the encounter
  • Culture-sensitive care and teamwork


The university certificate includes 6 attendance days, which are connected by practical exercises. This includes the preparation of a short written case reflection and the preparation of the final day in a small group (in the form of a final presentation). A total of 4 modules are worked out together:

 Ubersicht Module Kulturbegleiter


Target Group

The university certificate course "Kulturbegleiter/in in Gesundheitsberufen" is aimed at

  •     Leaders, teachers and practical instructors in nursing
  •     Further multipliers from the nursing sector

Organisational Matters

The 6-day university certificate "Kulturbegleiter/in in Gesundheitsberufen" takes place on the following dates:

  •     15.-16.05.2020
  •     04.-06.06.2020
  •     27.06.2020


  •     € 690 regular
  •     € 390 for students from the health and care sector (limited number of places)

The group size is limited to 16 participants so that, in addition to short presentations, methods of case work as well as diverse application-oriented procedures can be used.

Your Advantages

  • High theory-practice transfer through practice-related exercises
  • Professional competence through experienced nursing educators as trainers
  • Experiencing and experiencing the potential of cultural diversity in care
  • Compact training with direct benefit transfer
  • University certificate: high reputation


  •     Next course start: 15 May 2020
  •     Registration now possible
  •     We accept registrations for the university certificate via our registration portal.

The group size is limited to 16 participants.

If you have any questions regarding the part-time university certificate program, please contact Christina Moosmüller.