Professionals who work to keep their knowledge continously up to date and gain new skills are in high demand in the world of modern business. We can support you in this quest with the aid of expert lecturers, a service that is tailored towards working people and with all our experience after more than seven years of professional further training. Use our services to broaden your professional further education!

With the exception of the Silicon Valley Program, our professional development certificates are only available in German on the website. Please call us or send us an email for more information in the English language.

Module studies

  • Management workshop

Health care

  • Healthcare education (Hans Lindner Institut)
  • Business administrator in social services and the health care sector

Management and Leadership

  • Project Manager (Haufe Akademie)
  • Project Management Advisor (Haufe Akademie)
  • HR Manager (Haufe Akademie)
  • HR Developer (Haufe Akademie)
  • Certified Recruiter (Haufe Akademie)
  • Certified Purchasing Manager (Haufe Akademie)
  • International Purchaser (Haufe Akademie) Modul 2
  • Basic competencies in the transactions analysis (SL-Consult)
  • Human Skills and Leadership (School of Skills)
  • Business Administration (Hans Lindner Institut)
  • Sales and Distribution (Hans Lindner Institut)

Information Technology

  • Usability Engineer

Reintegration (promoted)

  • Operational Security Management (in cooperation with the Otto Benecke Foundation)

Inhouse offers (upon request)

  • Inhouse training for companies and organizations. E.g:
  • Innovation Management
  • Leadership Management

Please contact Wolfgang Stern for a personal chat about of any of the above certificates.

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