The Bavaria-Malaysia Coordination Centre has been responsible for Malayan scholarship holders studying or planning to study at a Bavarian university since April 2011.

A 2002 cooperation contract between the Munich-based Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts and two Malayan partners is the reason for the couselling programme that is currently responsible for around 250 students. The entire support services of these scholarship holders are rendered by the Deggendorf-based Bavaria-Malaysia Coordination Centre, representing all Bavarian universities.

The approximately 40 scholarship holders sent from Malaysia by our partners in the middle of March have had intensive preparation courses for studying in Germany. The two-year course is managed by the German Malayan Institute (GMI). Participants learn German at a B1 level, sit their English A-levels and do an internship. Their monthly scholarship is paid by the governmental institution MARA. Over the past few years, many students who financially support the studies themselves joined the programme. These students are also looked after by the Bavaria-Malaysia Coordeination Centre.

After arriving in Germany, the prospective students are allocated to different preparation centres in Bavaria. During the summer semester, between March and July, applicants are technically and lingually prepared for German engineering courses in Germany. After only four months, they must sit and pass the TestDaF exam, which takes place every July.

The exam serves as proof of the language level needed to study in German and is therefore absolutely necessary. It certifies the required B2/C1 language level to the students.

During this first time in Bavaria, the B-MCC offers a comprehensive student counselling, supports the students in the application process, sends the applications out in close cooperation with the universities, organises appartments in student housing facilities and is in constant contact with the Malayan Consulate General in Frankfurt.

In addition to that, the Coordination Centre offers various seminars, such as intercultural trainings, team building, successful studying (studying methods, time management, scientific work) at the different Bavarian universities. The Centre is also a contact point for any kind of inquiries and problems, even if the students are then divided and study at the 13 Bavarian universities taking part in the programme.

During their studies, the Coordination Centre, headed by Tanja Mertadana remains a contact point for the scholarship holders. The B-MCC permanently checks on the students' results and organises additional courses if necessary. In the last few years, some scholarship holders were awarded the DAAD prize for their extraordinary performance.

Most students graduate within the standard period of study and without any problems. Quite often, they stay in Germany to pursue a master's degree here. 




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