A semester abroad, outside Germany, is a great opportunity to improve your language skills, learn about different work environments and cultures and furthermore seek new friendships. Please read our student's experience reports or contact us for individual advice.

When's the best time during my studies to spend a semester abroad?

You can complete a semester abroad after your second semester, after the foundations of your degree have been covered; we recommend the 3rd, 4th or 5th semester, depending on your course. However, a study semester later on in your degree would also work well, although be aware that subject recognition is more complicated in the latter stages. Please pop into the International Office (B210) for advice.

Advice and guidance

Study semester abroad:

Please visit Nicole Springer, Brigitte Koffmahn or Ariadna Schmidt in the International Office (B 210).

Internship semester abroad:

Please come to B203 for advice and guidance.


Please register online and after receiving login information, fill the application out with your personal details before uploading your CV with photo, covering letter, university enrollment confirmation and grade sheet. If you are applying during the 1st semester (especially TM students), the grade sheet can be uploaded later, until the end of February.

All applicants are informed both via e-mail and over "Mobility Online" from mid to the end of March, as to which partner university has accepted them and also as to whether any further documents are requested.


Application for a semester abroad

  • Apply for the following academic year (winter or summer semester) from November onwards
  • The application deadline is 15 February
  • Application for a study semester abroad is via Mobility Online


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