The main emphasis in the new Master of Mechanical Engineering course is on the integrated product development. This choice is based on the following trends and observations:

  • Product development in mechanical construction will be a closed 3D-model process on the computer. The elements of this process are: 3D construction, 3D simulation, 3D print or CAM applications from prototypes to mass production and data feedback via 3D measuring procedures (e.g. computer axial tomography).
  • In the course of the change in production philosophy - called industry 4.0 - development and production processes merge more and more. The individualization of products is made possible by information networking throughout the value chain. The models worked out in the design process are transferred into production. Product development in mechanical engineering nowadays is a closed process, where mechanical production, electronics production and the development of embedded software, that is firm ware, are closely intertwined. Therefore, more and more modern processes, especially agile methods are being used.
  • The innovation process asks for professional requirements management, with which market and customer requirements, as well as the planning of detailed product characteristics, product variations and customizable aspects can be observed and controlled.
  • Product development is therefore integrated in two ways: on the one hand, the integration of the design process in a fully computer-assisted closed construction circuit and on the other hand, the strong networking of the development processes in a superordinate systemized development process.
  • In many companies, the mechanical engineer is the “organizer” of the development process, as it is usually his/her job to collect and structure core data (taking part numbers, drawings etc.) 
  • The integrated product development puts new challenges to mechanical engineers. International competition is more and more shifting towards product development, its efficiency and effectiveness are becoming a crucial factor for success in the industry and thus, a crucial location factor for Germany and Europe.
  • A master’s degree further qualifies already well-educated engineers, preparing them for leading and executive positions. Graduates also obtain expertise in the complex field of integrated product development. The further development of the processes in regard to “Industry 4.0” demands independent scientific work, which the master’s course teaches methodically and in the context of its field.

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