Bionics is the interdisciplinary combination of biology and technology and pursues the goal of solving technical problems.

In bionics, solutions from nature that have been developed and optimised over the course of evolution are analysed and made accessible for technology. The principles and knowledge derived thereof help solving technical problems through abstraction, transfer and implementation. The goal of bionics is to create innovations and optimise products with the aid of the solution space nature as idea generator.

Research Group: Product Optimisation and Innovation

Bionics as a problem-solving strategy opens up new opportunities to use natural solutions as idea generators for product optimisation and innovation. Here, bionics is a methodical approach that can be applied additionally to developmental work. In bionics research, focus is on a successful knowledge transfer between science and industry for an efficient application of bionics, through systemic management and the academic and professional further training – for an efficient application of bionics.

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Research Group: Functional Surfaces

Functional surfaces and coatings are important “Enabling Technologies”. This is how, for example, beam sources, optics and materials only become more efficient, durable, robust and achieve outstanding specifications through selective functionalisation of surfaces and coatings. Moreover, completely new and additional functionalities can be made possible. The research group addresses in particular the optimization of polymers, easily cleanable surfaces, antibacterial surfaces, scratch-proof surfaces as well as surface analysis, material testing and default analysis.

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