The internet has not only fundamentally and sustainably transformed communication and processes in many areas, but has also accelerated them. The use of new media influences not only economic occurrences but also our society, culture, education and politics. Both opportunities and challenges arise as a result.

Firms find them selves confronted with the necessity to better understand their customers and to design the appropriate internal and cross-company processes; to tailor business models; and to connect customer, development and supply-chain processes. Knowledge management and communication play a key role in this. There is an abundance of information, and the volume of data is growing exponentially. The art lies in dealing with large quantities of data, and its professional use and expedient analysis.

The research groups of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology shed light on internet, communication and culture from a variety of perspectives and generate synergetic application-oriented solutions.

An example of the synergetic linking of cutting-edge technology and culture is the virtual reconstruction of destroyed cultural heritage through 3D modelling within the Theatine Project.

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