We offer our soon-to-be freshers the following prep courses to guide them smoothly into the start of university life.

Course blocks begin generally at the end of August and offer new students the opportunity to refresh and revise essential material. They are also a good chance to network and make friends before the semester starts.


Prep courses taught in English:

English refresher at Deggendorf campus

Course date: 29 - 30 August 2017, 9am - 4pm

To refresh grammar

Target group:
Future students who haven't spoken English for a while, from all courses except International Management

Revision of tenses (I walk/am walking; I walked/was walking; I have walked/have been walking; I will walk/am going to walk etc.)

Active und Passive (We built the house/The house was built in 1930)
Degrees of adjectives (cheap/er/est; more/most expensive)

Adjective vs. Adverb (The car is quick/I drive quickly)

Sentence structure

Relative sentences with/without pronouns (The man (that) you can see there…)

If clauses (If I were you, I wouldn’t eat this.)
Modal verbs (must/have to; can/could/be able to)

Follow this link to test yourf English level:


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Tobias Bauer

Prep courses taught in German:

Subject specific courses taught in German

These courses take place at the main Deggendorf campus:

  • Book keeping
  • A'level Maths
  • Physics
  • Spanish for Tourism Management - strongly advised for Deggendorf-based Bachelor Tourism Management
  • Studying with Success
  • Construction

View details of all the above courses on the German website.

Sign in for prep courses. The portal has further details about each course.

Tobias Bauer

German language prep semester at Deggendorf campus

Language prep semester "Let's get Started for international applicants with a basic level of German who are aiming to study in German. Read more about "Let's get Started"

First Semester Support Programme

First semester students may feel overwhelmed at the start of their studies as the transition from a regulated school environment to an independent, academic approach to working and learning is often difficult. Therefore, the Career Service runs a flexible, multi-session support programme to help newcomers at the start of their studies.




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