What is mentoring?

Mentoring is the targeted support of prospective employees and future leaders.

Experienced experts (mentors) support learners (mentees) in furthering their personal development and building up their professional competencies. Mentoring consists first and foremost of the transfer of life and career experience as well as the following five elements: coaching, guidance, support, networking and the exchange of ideas.


Mentees are DIT students from all faculties and courses. They should be committed, broad-minded, and interested.
The Mentor role is intended for skilled professionals from either the private sector or from academic research institutions.
For female engineering students we also offer the programme MovING.

General Mentor Programme

The Process

Students who are interested in the mentoring programme submit an application (CV and letter of motivation) to the Career Service. We then find a suitable mentor for the respective student, taking into account his or her interests and wishes. Once a year a Mentor Reception takes place in the university, at which official mentors will be announced and the first exchange of experiences between mentors and mentees is possible.

Duration of the Programme

The Mentor Programme has no fixed time limit, and can last the entire duration of the course of studies; however it can by ended at any time.
Information on the Mentor Programme can also be found on iLearn.
Stefanie Möginger would be happy to discuss further details with you about the programme.

Participants' Opinions

Lisa Pfefferl (Alumni, Engineering and Economics)

mentorenprogramm lisaPfefferl

"I really enjoyed my time in the Mentor Programme, especially because they matched me with just the right person as my mentor. This contact, and the other contacts which I gained through him, have had a positive influence on my professional and personal development.  The Mentor Programme opened the door into the professional world for me, and I am proud to have been a part of this programme. I am still in contact with my former mentor, even though our career paths have led us in different directions. I would like to thank Career Services for their incredible commitment to the Mentor Programme."

Klaus Bayer (EADS)


"I find the Mentor Programme really good and it is something that was lacking at my own  own University. The main reason I find it good is that the students come into contact with someone who is already in the profession. Therefore they have guidance in terms of choosing an internship, a job, and a company. But the Mentor Programme is also useful in that the companies are able to establish contact with really good students."

Simone Dappert (Consultant)


"My opinion is that the Mentor Programme is a valuable initiative which brings students into contact with the professional world at an early stage and thus facilitates a directed, goal-oriented approach to their studies. In addition, I myself had a lot of support when I started my career, and I’d like to pass that on."

MovING for Engineering students

Objective of the MovING Programme:

Supporting and promoting the success of female students in the engineering program during their studies is of great importance to the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. For this purpose the female mentor programme was launched, which provides special assistance, support and tips.

What does MovING Offer Female Students?

  • Coaching
  • Counselling and support
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Personal development
  • Exchange of ideas and experiences
  • Self-reflection and broadening of skills
  • Insight into daily professional life

Mentoring begins at the start of the summer semester. The students are assisted and supported by their mentor for one year. Meetings between mentor and mentee can be scheduled informally at any time and as needed. The mentoring relationship is developed and deepened through relaxed meetings and get togethers.   

If you are interested in participating contact Stefanie Möginger.

Impressions from the Mentor Reception 2014



First semester support programme

First semester students may feel overwhelmed at the start of their studies and in the first semester. The transition from a regulated school environment to an independent, academic approach to working and learning is often difficult. A goal of the DIT is to support the newcomers at the start of their studies. Career Services contributes by offering a comprehensive First Semester Sponsor Programme. The new students are optimally supported to help them integrate into the university and complete their studies efficiently and successfully.

As sponsors, more senior students from all programs of study oversee and assist the new students. Over the course of approximately 8 meet ups, the following support is provided:

  • Support of the new students around campus and in Deggendorf
  • Organizational help
  • Introduction to a number of topics (library, university websites, etc.)
  • Registering for exams, electives and compulsory subjects…
  • Attending informal gatherings and discussing general problems and questions
  • Developing study groups and help with studying
  • Providing tutoring in difficult subjects

Students in their second semester or higher with good grades are eligible to be sponsors.


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