The computer centre is located on campus, on the 2nd floor of building G, directly above the library.

All students will receive a user ID for the duration of their studies. This gives you access to internet (on- and offsite), to your personal email account, as well as to other course related services and information. A number of services offered via the campus network are also available worldwide, using a web browser.

Server Room

All IT components and devices required for computing and networking are located in the server room.

The university has a state of the art campus network. The present network cabling uses fibre optics and category 7 twisted pair cables as transmission mediums. The communication between buildings and connection to the server is done using GBit Ethernet, whilst all other devices are controlled at 100 MBit. Using Wi-fi on a registered laptop, all students and staff can connect to the university network.

The existing network infrastructure provides a variety of network services. Microsoft Windows server and Debian GNU/Linux can be used as server operating systems. Communication via email and groupware functionality are possible using the Dovecot OpenSource mail server. The university website is operated using Joomla.


There's support for information and problem-solutions during the week from 1 pm to 2 pm (Mo. - Fr. during term time until end of term) in Room E 102.

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