What are electives, compulsory language courses and voluntary subsidiary subjects?


An “Elective” subject is defined in the study and examination regulations as a compulsory elective subject of a general academic nature (in German: “Allgemeinwissenschaftliches Wahlpflichtfach”) that has to be successfully completed.

You can choose subjects from the following three areas:

  • Social and methodological competency
  • Orientational knowledge
  • Languages

The range of subjects offered varies from semester to semester, so you will not be able to do each subject every semester. Current subjects on offer can be found in the The Language Centre course schedule.

Subjects offered by the Bavarian Virtual University (BVU; http://www.vhb.org/en/homepage/) count as an elective.  The Language Centre also gives accreditation to Training the Trainer Certificates (“Ausbildung der Ausbilder” or “AdA”) on condition that the application for accreditation is submitted on time.

An elective is usually worth 2 ECTS points and the grade you receive on completing the course will be included in the calculation of your overall grade average.

Compulsory language courses

The study and examination regulations define a language course as compulsory when it is prescribed as part of a degree programme. You must successfully complete compulsory language courses by the end of the degree programme; they are worth 2-4 ECTS points. The grades you earn in these courses are included in the calculation of your overall grade average.

Voluntary subsidiary subjects

If you have already passed all your required electives or mandatory language courses or if there are no electives or mandatory language courses prescribed for your course of study, you can of course choose to take extra elective or language courses as long as there are still free slots available.

You can sign up for electives during the remaining slots enlistment period (Restplatzwahl) at the beginning of the semester. For these extra, voluntary subjects, no ECTS points will be credited and there will be no effect on your overall grade average. Nevertheless, you can also request for the grades received for these subjects to be included in your report card.

Overview of required elective and language courses for each degree

You can find a current overview of the elective and language courses required by each degree programme along with information on when these subjects must be taken here. If you are studying in English, see International Management on the 2nd page.

In addition to regular lectures, you have to take one or more electives or compulsory language courses by the end of your degree programme. Please read the study and examination regulations of your degree programme to find out when electives and language courses are scheduled. 

You can only take electives and language courses once. Should you choose to take the same language again, the course title or level must differ from the one you have already taken.

It is of utmost importance that you successfully complete all electives and compulsory language courses by the end of your studies; of lesser importance is the semester in which you take the course.

Registration periods for electives, language courses, and voluntary subsidiary subjects

You can register for electives and language courses during two periods each semester:

  1. The registration period for elective courses is in the last weeks of the semester before the courses are scheduled to take place.
     NB: You can only sign up for electives and compulsory language courses during this period.
  2. The registration period for any leftover slots takes place in the first days of the semester in which the subjects/courses are scheduled to take place. You can also enrol for voluntary subsidiary subjects during this period.

The exact dates for the enlistment will be announced by mail.

Then ten most important questions (FAQs) regarding the elective and language courses can be found here.


The languages and electives exam timetable for Deggendorf and the European Campus can be found here.

Accreditation of ETCS credits

If you have already taken an exam in an elective or in a foreign language for another degree programme at this or another university, you can apply for an accreditation of ECTS points.

Application forms for accreditation can be found here and should be submitted to Iris Bubenhofer (Room B 205) or Tanja Mertadana (Room B 220).

Changing courses

In electing to take a course you are committing to take that course for the rest of the semester. In other words, any course you sign up for then becomes a compulsory course.

Should you have a legitimate reason for wanting to change a course or class group, you are asked to fill out the application form and submit it to the Language and Electives Centre (by mail or to room B 205).

Legitimate reasons for changing courses

  • Your schedule conflicts with an elective
  • Other university commitments

The following reasons WILL NOT be taken into consideration

  • Carpooling
  • A part-time job
  • Other personal matters


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