Being a student is alot more than reading books and attending lectures - there's a whole spectre of activities alongside. Our univertsity offers students a diverse programme: summer music festivals, international days, rowing on the Danube, skiing races and a range of other sports.

Performance orientated students can join the university choir, the Big Band or two drama groups, whilst politically active students can become student representatives in the student convention. Additionally, there are many other clubs as described below.

Student Representatives

We are your student representatives and are there to answer any questions and to help solve any problems you may have.

konventWe are happy to help and support you regarding any questions; from exam advice, specific individual questions about course options, to even problems with lecturers.

As student representatives, we also have the right to vote in the faculty council. Therefore we can address your issues and needs directly to the faculty itself.

The student convention:

Speakers committee

  • Bauer CHristoph
  • Hofmann Joseph
  • Hölzel Regina
  • Lesny Andreas
  • Nagel Joel
  • Schülke Björn

Members of the student convention

  • Wenig Matthias
  • Sperl Daniel
  • Grünberger Franziska
  • Wolf Sabrina
  • Burgemeister Martin
  • Heehler Lisa
  • Baier Veronika
  • Bauer Sandra
  • Aktas Aylin
  • Sommer Josef
  • Galetzka Robert
  • Blankl Nicole
  • Menauer Carina
  • Huber Sophia
  • Meier Matthias
  • Supke Torsten


Office Hours: every Wednesday from 1.15 pm. to 2 pm.

Room: D226



We would like to continue to maintain and contribute towards the unique atmosphere that our university offers and the good relationship that exists between staff and students.


Students can use their spare time to join one or more of these clubs, great for getting to know fellow students!

AKI club international e. V.


International Students Club

  • for all students
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • ,

AKI provides all DIT students, with both international and cross-cultural experiences on top of their studies. Active participation in AKI, helps students to improve their foreign language skills and to gain key vocational skills. Our main purpose is to make exchange students feel welcome and to make their stay as attractive and efficient as possible, through providing mentoring, educational programs, excursions and parties.

AlumniNet e. V.


Society for Deggendorf Institute of Technology Graduates

AlumniNet is one of the largest societies at the university, with nearly 600 members.The society offers graduates the chance to continue accessing the online job market. In addition to that, they are able to participate in a variety of events offered (bowling, golf taster sessions etc...) to socialise and network. One major perk of being a member of this club, is the four day trip which usually takes place in the autumn time (so far Edinburgh, Bardolino/Lake Garda and in 2012 Dublin).

Campus For Christ (CFC)


Christian Believers Group

  • for all students
  • Website

We are a group of students from a range of degree courses, who meet every Monday on the DIT campus. We aim to exchange thoughts and views through Biblical discussions and talks.
We are aware of the intellectual challenge that we face, when trying to combine the thoughts and beliefs that we have in life. For example, HDU helps us as students to recognise and deal with the challenges of everyday life, but we feel that it is also important that critical questions about life can also be answered e.g. the meaning of life, death, faith, ethics etc... We aim to tackle these questions in our meetings.

CoME e. V.


Mechanical Engineers Club

  • for all students studying mechanical engineering, mechatronics and industrial engineering
  • Website
  • Facebook

In 1995, former students of the university founded a club for mechanical engineers known as "CoME". The club was founded with the idea of collaborating with all these students to form one cohesive group. In addition to events, which help encourage communication among students, CoME also organises excursions to trade fairs (in the fields of mechanical engineering and mechatronics). 

consult-it! e. V.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology Student Business Consultancy 

  • for all students
  • Website
  • Facebook

We are a society of young students from different degree courses. Our recipe for success is the combination of mixing theory and practice. We give our members the chance to put the knowledge that they have learnt from their studies into practice, through working on specialised projects in the private business sector. Members will also benefit from various socials, interesting workshops and from our German-wide parent organisation "JC Network". Experiences are shared and knowledge is exchanged through the support of former members and professors of Deggendorf University.

DEG. Tour.-S. e. V.


Deggendorfer Tourism Study Group

  • for all students studying Tourism Management
  • Website

DEG.TOUR.-S. is a community of students and lecturers who have a common interest in tourism. Our goal is to establish and maintain contact with companies and organisations from industry, to enrich studies with interesting lectures and trips, and above all to strength the feeling of unity and team spirit.

Fast Forest e. V.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology Formula Student Team

  • for all students
  • Website
  • Facebook

Fast Forest is Deggendorf University's student formula team. Students from all faculties build and market a race car together. They compete internationally against other universities. The vehicles are judged by an expert jury and of course in comparison to the racetrack. In addition, the teams have to develop and present a business plan and budget plan for their vehicles.

First Contact e. V.


Society for Maintaining Contacts between Companies and Students

  • for all students
  • Website
  • Facebook

The First Contact team consists of students from various degree courses. We have made it our mission to make and maintain contacts with companies. With commitment and ingenuity, we organise the annual job fair at the university. This is our most important job of the year - presenting companies to the students.  

IM the Club e. V.


Society for International Management Students

  • for all students studying International Management and exchange students
  • Facebook

The aim of IM the club is to support all past, present and future IM students, through providing them with contact information and experiences. The IMTC is a network which provides experiences abroad, tips on studying and jobs or internship opportunities and communication: Every IM student can bring their own experiences to the group. Most members have either done an internship, studied or lived abroad and those who haven't done so already, will soon experience this joy.

Catholic University Union (KHG)


Christian Believers Group

  • for all students
  • Website
  • Facebook

We are an open community of students and people who work with the university. The celebration of worship lies at the heart of this community, but we also organise and undertake a wide range of different activities and projects.

Market Mavens e. V.


Deggendorf University's Student Stock Exchange Club

  • for those interested
  • Website

This club aims to provide awareness and information about securities and the performance of stock markets to students and the general public, and to promote German equity culture. The club organises lecturers, discussions and panel discussions, in order to promote and maintain the contact between students and companies.

VDBau e. V.


Deggendorf Engineers Club

  • for all students studying Civil Engineering and Resource and Environmental Management
  • Website
  • Facebook

VDBau is the link between students, graduates, lecturers and industry. Our aim is to exchange knowledge on practice and theory, to enrich students lives inside and outside of university. We use the connections we have with construction companies and engineering firms to inform our members of internships, job openings and dissertation opportunities. Some of our main tasks include; organising lectures and field trips. Above all, we are there to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience amongst students.

VWI Deggendorf University Group  e. V.


Local German Industrial Engineers Club

  • for students studying Industrial Engineering
  • Facebook

The group "VWI" was founded in 2009 by the first students to study industrial engineering at the university. In addition to various field trips to interesting companies, exciting day trips and tournaments, VWI also offers a national platform for students to network among themselves, lecturers and interested companies.

WI-Project e. V.


Deggendorf Institute of Technology Business Informatics Society 

  • for students studying Business Information Systems
  • Website
  • Facebook

WI-Project is there to provide networking and the exchanging of experiences between WI(Business Informatics) students and former graduates of Deggendorf university. We have set ourselves the task of helping WI students ease into student life in Deggendorf.


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