Every ten years, the data volume is increased by a factor of thousand in the world. Internet, Social networks, Business warehouses - there exists a tremendous data flow, which is not adequately utilized so far.

Moreover, combining data from different sources (data fusion) can cause positive synergies, which indeed cause higher gain. Companies which analyze their data in a systematic manner perform better compared to other companies. The best examples for benefitting from data analytics are Google or Amazon. These big data companies are monitoring the whole world by applying such techniques daily.

The objective of this application field can be summarized by converting the enormous data from various sources into reliable and valuable information for economic benefit.

We can support you to formulate the right questions, to investigate and integrate the relevant data and data sources, and to convert them into information as well as knowledge by applying innovative tools.

Our spectrum covers classical statistical approaches, data mining as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our focus lies on developing solutions for user-friendly applications, which are characterized by intelligent human-machine-interactions.

The most common fields of applications are assortment optimization, production program optimization, risk analysis, supply chain management, process optimization, and customer specific marketing.


Ansprechpartner: Robert Hable

Dr. habil. Robert Hable

+49 (0)8552 975620-38

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