20170830 internet of thingsInteractive Systems and the Internet of Things

Robots that serve coffee, mirrors that comment on what the person in front of them is wearing, drones that deliver takeout: the Internet of things (IoT) is behind all these innovations. It refers to the increasing interconnectivity of household appliances, robots, machines, cars, even smart clothing.

Today, tiny and even tinier computers are being built into appliances at home and at work. These computers connect and exchange data with each other and support us in our work and in our free time.

This fall, DIT is introducing a computer science degree focusing specifically on interactive systems and the Internet of things.

Internet of Things

Smart homes and autonomous robots are only two examples of the multitude of possibilities being generated by the development of the Internet of things. Specialised engineers will help drive this field forward.

“The demand for graduates with specialised knowledge in the Internet of things is increasing. Companies from all fields are hiring specialists in inter-connectivity and interactive system design” says Prof. Dr. Gerald Kupris, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Media Technology and Computer Science, “the new programme is a direct response to this demand.”

Students of this programme will learn expertise in the development and implementation of interactive systems. In addition to the technical know-how, students will learn how to market products and how to start their own business.

Independent Thinking, Creativity and Innovation

Innovative teaching methods are essential for learning about interactive systems. ”Independent thinking and the creativity that it implies is at the heart of this programme. We have developed a learning environment with the ideal conditions for students to be innovative when they work and learn. Project-orientation and extensive focus options form an important cornerstone to this aim,” says Kupris.

Bachelor of Engineering

The programme is in German and will start for the first time in Fall 2017. Graduates will be awarded the title “Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.).

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