A new type of degree course in conjunction with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen and the Institute for Technology and Business in Budweis has been successfully launched at DIT. Participating students from the three cooperating universities are sponsored by companies based in both Bavaria and the Czech Republic, where they gain work experience during their studies. This programme, which is backed by EU funding, has been titled CAST, meaning “Company Academic Students Training”.

Claudia Probst from DIT’s Career Service explained the reason behind CAST, “The border region Bavaria - Czech Republic should become more attractive for young people by focusing on a stronger link to companies and thus to the region“.

CAST partners offer an excellent training opportunity so that young students in the region can orientate and position themselves. There are advantages for both sides: individual schedules can be drawn up for students, i.e. they are free to decide which phase of the degree they wish to complete at which location. Of course, German and Czech language skills are essential, students are supported by free language courses and intercultural training workshops that are organized at the universities. In the companies, students are integrated into company and project workflows to become familiarized with the working world in both countries. In addition, they are offered financial security through a continual small wage. In return, participating CAST companies gain highly qualified, academically trained employees. Time-consuming and costly induction periods or trainee programs after graduation are no longer necessary, as practical know-how is tailored to the sponsoring company.

Since the project began, Max Streicher Engineering from Deggendorf, Kermi from Plattling, Rhode and Schwarz from Teisnach and the Sedlbauer from Grafenau have joined as sponsoring partners.

Company and student enquiries can be directed to Claudia Probst at DIT.
Tel: +49 991 3615 284


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