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kaiser peter

  • Director of university sports
  • Public relations

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The director of DIT’s sports programme plans, organizes and coordinates the mass-sports-oriented sports programme at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology and the European Campus Rottal-Inn, as well as competition-oriented events ranging from internal university competitions to Bavarian title competitions and national university championships.

This includes the procurement and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure (e.g. sports facilities), the provision of the required sports equipment and the competent manpower (e.g. course instructors*) under supervision of the available budget funds.

It maintains cooperation with the internal and external sports networks (e.g. university teams, clubs, sports associations, sponsors of sports facilities) and represents the interests of DIT, e.g. at the Stadtsportverband at regional level, at the Hochschulsport Kommission der Universitäten und Hochschulen in Bayern at state level and at the Allgemeine Deutschen Hochschulsportverband (adh) at national level.

Based on the guideline for action on official health management (BGM) and in cooperation with the Institute for Occupational Health Management and Occupational Safety at DIT, the person responsible organises, coordinates and controls structures and processes with the BGM Steering Group Health with the strategic goal of maintaining and promoting the health, well-being and motivation of university employees.

He works closely with the university management, the company doctor, the occupational safety specialist and the staff council within the university, as well as with external health insurance funds, employers' liability insurance associations and accident and pension insurance institutions.

Company sport is an important component in the structure of official health management. The BGM officer paves the way for university members to take part in regular sports activities in an individual company sports club and organises company sports events. 


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