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Test before Invest

The goal of Test before Invest is to provide companies with the opportunity to test new technologies before having to make costly investments or taking high risks. In our labs you can test technologies which are usually inaccessible for medium-sized companies. Our experts have diverse experience in the following fields: 

  • Eye-Tracking 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI/ML)
  • High performance & quantum computers (HPC & QC) 
  • 5G 
  • Cyber Security & Dependability
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 

Together with you, we analyse which innovations your individual business processes can benefit from most. This way, we keep the hurdles low for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Public Sector Entities (PSEs) and support digitalisation in Eastern Bavaria. 

With us, you can develop first prototypes or simply get the newest technological updates. To do this, we tackle your individual challenges and see how they can be solved with the help of our technology portfolio. Our services are designed to help you sustainably increase the digital maturity of your company or institution.

Additionally, you gain an overview of possible use cases in our laboratories. At OTH, the laboratories for Digitalisation, Eye-Tracking, Safe and Secure Systems (LaS³) and the Regensburg Center of Artificial Intelligence are available for this purpose, as are the laboratories for Quantum Computing and HPC, 5G and IoT/UAV at DIT. This way, we support the transfer of knowledge both at universities and on site in your company or institution. We establish an important initial link between research and everyday business at companies. 

The services of Test before Invest