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New Network

DIT member of the Munich Security Network e.V.

18.2.2021 | THD-Pressestelle

In February, the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) became a member of the Sicherheitsnetzwerk München e.V. The reason for this is not just information security. It is also about networking, design and maximum competitiveness in the future.

“Nowadays, data security is an indispensable factor in protecting institutions as well as companies against the countless digital threats,” says Prof Dr Helena Liebelt, Head of IT at DIT: “However, it’s about more than that,” Liebelt adds. Cyber security means competitiveness. But in order to be successful in a digital future, networking and cooperation are other important cornerstones of the strategic orientation.

Numerous well-known companies such as Airbus, Audi, Intel, Siemens and Huawei are members of the Munich Security Network. But also teaching and research institutions. For example, the Technical University of Munich, the University of the Federal Armed Forces and Fraunhofer AISEC. “For us, this is a wonderful opportunity to keep an eye on scientific developments on the one hand, but also on the latest state of industrial technology on the other,” says Prof Liebelt. Together with important industry giants and other outstanding research institutions, DIT wants to actively shape further development in the field of cyber security. Not least, a new technology campus on this topic is currently being built in Vilshofen. Liebelt cites as a special privilege of membership in the Munich Security Network the opportunity to participate in the annual “Munich Cyber Security Conference” (MCSC), which always takes place one day before the Munich Security Conference: “This is a real fixture in the cyber security industry.” DIT will be there in the future.

Further information: https://it-security-munich.net

Bild (DIT): Networking via the association Sicherheitsnetzwerk München e.V. is another important cornerstone of the strategic orientation for DIT.