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We understand that moving here to start or continue your academic education is a huge leap. We aim to make your transition as smooth as possible with practical support to guide you through the process. Read personal student experiences of how to prepare for student life at the European Campus or Deggendorf on our university blog, and view all the info below!

Orientation Week

The Orientation Week with intensive German prep course is an essential event for international students arriving at the main campus in Deggendorf. During the Orientation Week, we will help you make friends, settle in and guide you into a smooth start.

During the Orientation Week, all neccessary formalities are completed, such as:

  • Registering in the residents' registration office
  • Getting a visa
  • Obtaining health insurance
  • Guided tour of the campus and the town
  • IT introduction
  • Library introduction

Besides, the Orientation Week offers much more events such as an Intercultural Training, a Bavarian Evening and different day trips.

  • For exchange students, participation is compulsory
  • Degree-seeking international students are advised to join

One to two weeks before the start of every semester, annually in March and September.

The orientation week is held mainly around DIT's Deggendorf campus and in town.

Orientation Day at the European Campus in Pfarrkirchen

On your arrival at the European Campus Rottal-Inn you will take part in a so-called "Orientation Day". In addition to many social events you will receive detailed course information and practical support with all necessary formalities, such as registration at the town hall, health insurance, opening a bank account, German courses and application for a students card. The International Office informs students about events in the coming semester and international students will have the opportunity to ask all questions about studying and living in Pfarrkirchen. 

Fees and Funding

Overview of costs

The Bavarian State Government supports students and therefore charges no tuition fees for all full-time studies, for both German and international students. For more information, please see an overview of living costs for international students.


Funding through a scholarship

Liability Insurance and Health Insurance


Health Insurance

All students registered at the DIT are subject to compulsory insurance. This also includes students registered in Germany but whose permanent residence is abroad.

The proof of valid health insurance is required before enrollment and will be electronically transmitted to the university. Please be aware that enrollment at our university cannot be completed in case of a missing digital health insurance confirmation. There are several public health insurance providers in Germany and the tariffs are almost equal. You can decide which company you prefer. For further details, please contact


EU-students are usually covered by the European Health Insurance. If this applies to you, please contact a public health insurance provider and submit a copy of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). If it fulfils all requirements, the insurance provider will send a digital health insurance confirmation to our university.

Private health insurance:

Students older than 30 years are usually not eligible for public health insurance and must get private health insurance.  Please get in contact with a private insurance provider of your choice. Please keep in mind that the insurance has to cover costs for all possible treatment (dentist, hospital, rehabilitation treatment, ...), medicine, drugs, bandages, other medical aid, pregnancy and birth. It is also required that your insurance policy does not show any limitation on the occurring costs.

After having received the contract, you still have to contact a public insurance provider and submit it for evaluation. If it fulfils all requirements, the public insurance provider will send a digital health insurance confirmation to our university.

For further assistance, please refer to


Liability Insurance

The most important and yet cheapest insurance you need in Germany is the liability insurance.

A liability insurance is taken out in case you as the insured cause damage to third parties or damage the property of third parties. Since the law states that the perpetrator is liable for damages to others, the liability insurance first checks whether the damage was clearly caused by you.

We recommend our international students to take out liability insurance during their studies in Germany. Not only for the costs of minor accidents (e.g. damage to cell phones or lost room keys), but also for serious accidents (e.g. an accident with a bicycle into someone else's car) can be covered by liability insurance.

The general terms and conditions vary depending on the insurance provider. The monthly fee starts at € 3, the amount covered is up to € 50 million.

However, you should be aware that German private liability insurances with a term of three or five years cannot be cancelled before the end of the term.

Visa and Residence Permit


Students from the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland do not require a visa to enter Germany and study here. However, upon arrival in Germany, registration at the local residents’ registration office is required (within two weeks after arrival).

Students from Non-EU/Non-EEA-Countries

Students from Non-EU or Non-EEA-Countries

Students from Non-EU or Non-EEA-Countries must apply for a student visa for Germany prior to departure (it is recommended to apply for it shortly after having received the letter of acceptance) at the responsible embassy/consulate in their home country.
Upon arrival in Germany (prior to the expiry date of your visa), you must apply for a residence permit for study purposes at the local immigration office. The International Office at DIT will be glad to assist you in the application process.

Visa-free entry

Students from certain countries may enter Germany without a visa.
An overview of all visa requirements/exemptions is available on the website of the German Federal Foreign Office
Please note: Students who may enter Germany without a visa must apply for a residence permit for study purposes at the local Immigration Office within 90 days after arrival.

Travelling to DIT

Travelling to Deggendorf

By bus:

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours from MUC
  • Cost: approx. € 15 from MUC
  • Busses from the companies Flixbus and Postbus offer a direct connection between Munich airport (Terminal 2 - Terminalstraße Ost) and Deggendorf railway station
  • Berlinlinienbus Bus Company travels between Deggendorf and a range of other airports, such as Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Munich airport
  • Please check the availablilty online and reserve your bus ride in advance to make sure that the desired connection won't be fully booked

By train:

How to travel from Munich airport to Deggendorf railway station by bus and train (approx. 2 hours):

  1. Exit the airport and wait for the arrival of bus #635 to Freising, it arrives approximately every 20 minutes. You must purchase a ticket from the driver.
  2. Once you have boarded the correct bus, remain on it until Freising train station (this is the last stop for bus #635). The train station in Freising is located very close to the bus stop, approximately 30 metres. At the train station (or at a Deutsche Bahn-DB ticket machine at the airport) purchase a Bayern Ticket! The ticket is convenient and costs 25€ for one person. The Bayernticket can be used for up to 5 people. For every additional guest the price increases by €7. (For 5 persons the price is € 53,-)
  3. In the train station look at the display panels for current train information such as departure times and platforms. You must take the train to Passau, this train usually departs from platform 4. If you are not sure just ask, also in English.
  4. At this point you should be in the wagon to Passau. Your stop is Plattling (approx. 1 hour from Freising). At Plattling, you must change the train, a green one (Bayrische Waldbahn) usually departs from platform 5 or 8. This train takes you directly to Deggendorf (only 2 stops, roughly 10 minutes).

Especially if your flight arrives very early or very late it is recommended to check the connection / travel schedule at
Other passengers and the staff of Deutsche Bahn are usually very friendly and helpful. They usually speak both English and German.


Travelling to the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen

By train:

Your journey from Munich airport to Pfarrkirchen train station:

From Munich airport it will take approximately 2.5 hours to get to Pfarrkirchen train station using public transportation.

Exit the airport and take the tram S8 to Munich East (Bahnhof München Ost). Before boarding the tram, purchase a Bayernticket at the airport for 26€. With this ticket, you can take the trains to Munich East and Pfarrkirchen, which means that you do not need to buy any other tickets. For more information on the Bayernticket, please see:

It will take up to 30 minutes to get to Munich East. Look at the display panels at the train station for current train information such as departure times and platforms. Change the train at the Munich East train station and take the train to Mühldorf (Oberbayern). It usually departs from platform 11. After one hour, you will arrive in Mühldorf (Oberbayern). Change the train in Mühldorf (Oberbayern) and take the train to Pfarrkirchen (usually from platform 6). It will take you approximately another 1 hour to get to Pfarrkirchen.

For additional information you can check your travel schedule at

Life at DIT

General information


Living in Deggendorf

Deggendorf is a picturesque town on the banks of the River Danube in Bavaria, Southern Germany. With a population of 37, 000, it's a cosy and affluent town fringed by the beautiful Bavarian Forest.

If you would like to attend a church service, a mass or a holiday prayer or if you are interested in the local religions and churches, you will find some information here:

In Deggendorf you will find three Catholic churches in the city centre:

  • Heilige Grabkirche „St. Peter und Paul“, Michael-Fischer-Platz, DEG
  • Kirche St. Johann (Schachinger Kirche), Schachinger Weg 20, DEG
  • Stadtpfarrkirche Mariä Himmelfahrt, Untere Vorstadt, 13, DEG
  • Church services

You can find protestant churches here:

  • Auferstehungskirche , Amanstr. 15, DEG
  • Christuskirche, Adalbert-Stifter-Str. 6, 94526 METTEN
  • Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde, Kräutlerstraße 6, DEG
  • Church services

Muslim students can visit the mosque in Fischerdorf, a suburb of Deggendorf:





  • Dr. med. Harald Poschenrieder
    Bahnweg 10
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. Ludwig Pfefferkorn jun.
    Kolpingsraße 2
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. Med Monika Müller-Rampmaier
    Max-Breiherr-Straße 17
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr med. Simon Riedl and Michael Bambauer
    Schäfflerstraße 5a
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Dr. Bastian Ach
    Eggenfeldener Straße 26
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. dent. Christoph Josef Bayer
    Ringstraße 14
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. med. Dent. Christoph Schmid
    Ringstraße 10
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
  • Dr. Josef Aigner
    Kolpingstraße 2
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Eva Sollich
    Lindnerstraße 15
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Dr. med. Stefan Achhammer
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen



  • Dr. med. Alexander and Dr. med. Raimund Schwarz
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
    08561/910315 oder 08561/6264


  • Dr. med. Gernot Bauer and Dr. med. Michael Fent
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen


  • Fachzentrum für Urologie
    Karl-Rolle-Straße 43
    84307 Eggenfelden
    Tel. 0 87 21 - 91 04 47


Pharmacies in Pfarrkirchen:

  • Stadtapotheke
    Statplatz 33
    84347 Pfarrkirchen


  • Apotheke im Turm
    Rottpark 22
    84347 Pfarrkirchen-Mooshof
  • Brunnen Apotheke
    Bahnhofsstraße 6
    84347 Pfarrkirchen
    08561/ 910304
  • Rathaus-Apotheke
    Stadtplatz 3
    84347 Pfarrkrichen
  • Alpha Apotheke
    Max-Lanz-Straße 1
    84347 Pfarrkirchen

Leaving DIT

Before leaving DIT you must complete the following:

  • Cancel your insurance
  • Terminate your rental agreement
  • Close your bank account
  • Inform the Citizens Registration Office
  • End your enrolment at the DIT
  • Inform the International Office


Cancellation of enrolment

  • Your enrolment will be cancelled automatically after his or her final semester, if the final examination has been successfully completed.
  • Your enrolment will be terminated if he or she does not pass one or more of the required preliminary, intermediate or final examinations specified in the Examination Regulations, unless he or she changes to another programme of study that does not offer the same degree.
  • Your enrolment will be terminated if he or she has not registered to continue studies before the start of the semester by the specified deadline, unless special permission was obtained.
  • Your enrolment will be terminated if he or she does not pay the student fees by the specified deadline.
  • Application for derigistration

The cancellation of enrolment certificate should be kept in a safe place and, if changing universities, it is required to be shown to the new university.


General information about deregistration


Reimbursement of student union fees

Students can apply for the reimbursement of Student Union fees (submitting an application, processing and carrying out the reimbursement) at the Student Centre. Please submit your application and direct questions to your assigned staff member.

Health insurance

Your entitlement to student health insurance expires upon cancellation of enrolment. After this time you are responsible for your own health insurance, which is obligatory for residents of Germany.

Student aid (BaföG)

If you receive student financial aid (BaföG), inform the responsible Office of Student Aid (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) of your cancellation of enrolment as soon as possible.

Pension insurance

Your Certificate for Statutory Pension Insurance Purposes should be kept in a safe place. Please submit it to the appropriate Pension Insurance Institution immediately upon taking up an occupation which is subject to compulsory pension insurance.

University materials

If you haven’t already done so, please return any university materials and books from the library.

You can receive a refund for any outstanding balances from either the Student Union (Cafeteria Card credit) or the Copy-Shop (Photocopier credit). The chip card then becomes your own property.

Changing universities

If your enrolment is terminated as a result of not passing one or more required exams, you are not allowed to continue the course of study or any related programme that offers the same degree at a Bavarian University.

It is possible to apply to a different course of study offered by the university at any time before the application deadline.

If you have further questions, please consult the International Office.

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