All apartments are located centrally within easy walking distance of Deggendorf town centre and the campus, as depicted in Google maps.
In order to secure accommodation in one of the residences, we recommend that you apply directly over their websites at the earliest date possible. Here are your options:

Student halls of residence in Deggendorf

The low-cost accommodation project

This project supplies very low-cost accommodation to students families, singles or pensioners in their private homes.

In return for accommodation, students help the owners in household chores which are agreed though a signed contract (for example, lawn mowing, shopping, help with homework, etc. - care services are excluded). Charges for heating, water, electricity and telephone costs must be paid separately.

Generally speaking, students work 1 hour every month for every square metre of private accommodation. Please direct enquiries to Daniela Schwertlinger.

Private accommodation for let


Other places to find a rental appartment

If you don't manage to secure an apartment in one of the above residences, you could look here:

A breakdown of your living expenses

  • Click hier for an overview of living expenses in Deggendorf or Pfarrkirchen.


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