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important information for freshers

we will guide you through your first days of study

information for freshers.

important information for your semester start

Welcome to DIT!

To help you settle in quickly on campus, we have summarized all the important first steps to starting your studies below:


  • Get to know your campus! The best way to find your way quickly to your lecture halls and the canteen is to use our campus maps. Or take a walk around our campus from the comfort of your own home on our 360 Grad Tour.
  • Setting up your personal university account is the first step towards arriving digitally at the university. Your university account gives you access to the university network and your student email address. Our IT introduction will help you with your first steps in IT: IT-introduction
  • As a rule, courses at DIT have a virtual course room on the university's own learning platform  iLearn. Here you can find, for example, course content and up-to-date information from your lecturers. You can log in to iLearn with your university account..
    How to find your way around the learning platform is explained here:  Video on how to log in to iLearn for the first time. You can also find help and tips on digital teaching in this  iLearn-course.
  • With your university account, you can also log in to the personalized website area my.th-deg.de. There you will have access to your individualized lecture schedule and the most important portals and news for your studies. Find out more about my.th-deg.de here: what is my.th-deg.de? 
  • Would you like to get involved in a group with motivated fellow students and make new contacts? Then find out more about our student clubs, music groups on campus and the student council (student convention).
  • Join us at the Freshers' Day, make contacts with your fellow students and find out more - so you have a great start with your studies

Freshers' days

We want to give our first-semester students the perfect start to their studies. That's why our introductory event called "Quietschietage" will take place again this year from 30 September to 1 October 2024 at the Deggendorf campus. We cordially invite all our first-semester students to this event!

Get to know DIT and your fellow students before you start your studies and attend study-related courses in advance. Our colorful programme guarantees you a perfect start to your studies with lots of fun.

More information about the programme and how to register will be announced here soon.


General Information



Semester times winter semester 2024/25: The semester begins on 1 October 2024 and ends on 14 March 2025.

Lecture periods winter semester 2024/25: The lecture period begins on 1 October 2024 and ends on 24 January 2025.

Overview of all semester times



We recommend moving near the campus. New students in particular should complete their semester close to campus in order to benefit from the campus facilities and the numerous events for students. You can also make contacts better on campus and get to know the university.

You can find information on finding accommodation on this page: Accommodation

It is also best to clarify the financing of your studies before you start. Get information here and find the right funding or a suitable scholarship for you: Financing


The DIT communication guidelines provide you with general communication rules. Whether it's a face-to-face conversation, phone call, WhatsApp consultation or virtual events - the guide covers all areas. You will be perfectly prepared to communicate successfully on campus, at work or with strangers.


  • Get an overview of our facilities and contact persons on campus: service centres on campus
  • The Central Student Advisory service can advise you on general questions and problems relating to the university and your studies.
  • The Centre for Studies will help you with questions about the application process and admission as well as matters relating to examination law and the completion of practical study periods during your studies.
  • If you have any organisational questions or are looking for a specific form, your academic regulations or module handbook, you can find all the information you need on this page: Documents & organsation
  • If you need technical support, please contact the Computer Center: either in person on the 2nd floor of the ITC2+ building (behind ITC2) or by email at it-support@th-deg.de
  • At DIT, first-year students are supported by our first semester mentoring programme. Students in higher semesters are available to first-year students as contact persons and pass on their knowledge about studying and organization.



First-year students are supported by our first-semester mentoring programme . Students in higher semesters are available to first-year students as contact persons and pass on their knowledge about studying and organisation. Simply get in touch with your first semester mentor if you have any questions!

Below you will find the first semester mentors for the winter semester 2023/24, broken down by degree programme:



Applied computer science:

Riepl Paul paul.riepl@stud.th-deg.de

Applied sports science:

Rudolph Elena elena.rudolph@stud.th-deg.de
Construction management:

Stöcker Hannah hannah.stoecker@stud.th-deg.de
Lengler Franziska franziska.lengler@stud.th-deg.de

Business Administration

Ernst Franziskafranziska.ernst@stud.th-deg.de
Kuchler Florian florian.kuchler@stud.th-deg.de

Cyber Security: Fischle Mika mika.fischle@stud.th-deg.de

Electrical engineering / electromobility:

Lorenz Julian julian.lorenz@stud.th-deg.de
Eckl Alexander alexander.eckl@stud.th-deg.de
International Management:
Rusch Kai kai.rusch@stud.th-deg.de
Vilsmeier Sophie sophie.vilsmeier@stud.th-deg.de

Artificial intelligence:

Graf Phillip phillip.graf@stud.th-deg.de
Kaspar Florian florian.kaspar@stud.th-deg.de

Management in health, social and emergency services / health informatics:

Baur Andreas andreas.baur@stud.th-deg.de
Dalheimer Tim tim.dalheimer@stud.th-deg.de

Management for inclusion and participation

Döring Stefan stefan.doering@stud.th-deg.de

Mechanical engineering

Asenbauer Niklas niklas.asenbauer@stud.th-deg.de


Wieland Simon simon.wieland@stud.th-deg.de

Media technology:

Altmann Richard richard.altmann@stud.th-deg.de
Physician Assistant:  Korth Antonia antonia.korth@stud.th-deg.de
Klasen Laura laura.klasen@stud.th-deg.de
Nursing care:

Stirner Moritz moritz.stirner@stud.th-deg.de
Dogan Emily emily.dogan@stud.th-deg.de

Physiotherapy dual: Mittermeier Xaver xaver.mittelmeier@stud.th-deg.de
Hahn Franca franca.hahn@stud.th-deg.de
Technical Design: Schmeding Nicolas nicolas.schmeding@stud.th-deg.de
Tourism management: Hörfurter Johanna johanna.hoerfurter@stud.th-deg.de


Wallner Isabell isabell.wallner@stud.th-deg.de

Business informatics:

Gmeinwieser Marius marius.gmeinwieser@stud.th-deg.de

Industrial Engineering / Interdisciplinary Engineering:

Redinger Jenny jenny.redinger@stud.th-deg.de
Nagengast Paulina paulina.nagengast@stud.th-deg.de

Business Psychology:

Kastenmaier Eva eva.kastenmaier@stud.th-deg.de
Schmidt Felix felix.schmidt2@stud.th-deg.de



Health Informatics: Amruthaluri Rachel rachel.amruthaluri@stud.th-deg.de
International Tourism Management: Aysel Aliyeva aysel.aliyeva@stud.th-deg.de


quietschie guide & survival guide

You can find all the important information about your start at university, from parking and IT information to advice centres, in our Quietschie Guide (Deggendorf) and our Survival Guides for Pfarrkirchen and Cham.

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Freshers' Days and Veilchengassenfest 2023

At the start of the winter semester 2023/24 the so-called "Quietschietage" (Freshers' Days) took place for the first time for our first-semester students to give them the perfect start to their studies.

The colourful supporting programme, which included a tour of the campus, introductions to student clubs, table football and university cinema, gave students the opportunity to start their studies with lots of fun while getting to know fellow students and visiting courses relevant to their studies before they start.

The crowning finale of the Quietschietage 2023 was the Veilchengassenfest in the university mile of Deggendorf - with street food, exhibitions, live music and a great atmosphere.

The next Quietschietage will take place again at the start of the winter semester 2024/25.

Below you will find impressions of the Quietschietage and the Veilchengassenfest 2023 at Campus Deggendorf:

campus tour

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