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Semester times winter semester 2022/2023: The semester begins on 1 October 2022 and ends on 14 March 2023.

Lecture times summer semester 2022: Lectures begin on 4 October 2022 and end on 25 January 2023.

Semester overview


In buildings and closed rooms at DIT, students, employees and visitors are generally required to wear an FFP2 mask. The obligation to wear a mask also applies in the square, as the minimum distance of 1.5 m from other persons cannot usually be maintained. Where possible, the minimum distance must always be maintained and group gatherings must be avoided.

Please note the DIT's infection control concept and inform yourself about possible changes on the page: Current information for the summer semester 2022.


We recommend moving close to the campus. New students in particular should spend their semester close to campus in order to benefit from the local infrastructure and the numerous events for students (as far as the pandemic situation allows). In addition, you can make contacts better on campus and get to know the university.



The DIT communication guide provides you with general communication guidelines. Whether it's a personal conversation, a phone call, WhatsApp advice or virtual events - the guide covers all areas. You are perfectly prepared with the guide to communicate successfully on campus, at work or with strangers.


  • Get an overview of our facilities and contact persons on campus: facilities on campus
  • If you have any general questions or problems regarding the university or your studies, please contact the Student and Academic Counselling
  • The Study Centre will help you with questions about the application process and admission, as well as during your studies about examination law and practical study periods
  • For any other concerns or inquiries, please contact the International Office at welcome@th-deg.de


quietschie guide & survival guide

You can find all the important information about your start at university, from parking and IT information to advice centres, in our Quietschie Guide (Deggendorf) and our Survival Guides for Pfarrkirchen and Cham.

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