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The Deggendorf campus is our first and largest campus which has recently ungone a vast multi-million extension to accommodate our expanding university community. It is a truly innovative learning environment based around a modern, central courtyard with a hovering deck over a large water feature where staff and students enjoy the relaxed atmosphere whilst having lunch, socialising, revising or just hanging-out. Faculties, workshops and and service centres are located in, on and around our campus, providing an attractive and excellent hub for staff, students and teaching staff. All faculties and service centres naturally have wheelchair access. A range of events are hosted throughout the whole year, the largest events being our popular campus fest and summer open air music festival.

distinguishing features:

discover the local environment

Deggendorf's mediavel town centre, cozily snuggled between the River Danube and the Bavarian Forst mountains, charms many of our students. Read about their personal experiences of Deggendorf on our university blog, especially:

the town of deggendorf

  • Population of 40,000
  • Located between the River Danube and the Bavarian Forest
  • Many companies are situated in and around town
  • Lively shopping town with central pedestrian "plaza" and an old town centre
  • Great variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs
  • Popular riverside promenade and park
  • All amenities are in town: kindergardens, schools, doctors, a hospital, supermarkets, etc.
  • Town bus services
  • Doctors in Deggendorf

the local environment

  • Charming location at the foot of the Bavarian mountains, just north of Munich and close to the Austrian border, Salzburg, Vienna and the Alps
  • Deggendorf is named the "Gateway to the Bavarian Forest" due being on the doostep of Germany's first and most beautiful national park
  • The Bavarian Forest National Park is a surrounding hilly landscape that provides a stunning natural backdrop for countless recreational activities

culture and leisure

  • Castles, monasteries and churches in the immediate environment
  • Archeology, handicraft, art, historical aeroplane and vehicles museums
  • River cruises and a regular service up and down the River Danube
  • Skiing slopes offering equipment hire and lessons
  • Lakes, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and saunas
  • Summer toboggan runs and family fun parks
  • Regular events such as concerts and festivals. Current events can be viewed in the town of Deggendorf.'s events calendar.

local sports facilities

We are Bavaria's most sporty University of Applied Sciences, winning national championships in volleyball and football. The unique geographical surroundings between the mountains and the river make skiing in the morning then rowing in a t-shirt on the Danube in the afternoon a real possibility!  Here's a selection of the local sports facilities:

  • Many university sports clubs
  • Local sports clubs and fitness studios
  • A vast cross-country skiing and walking network
  • Golf courses
  • Mountain bike tracks and long distance biking paths
  • Skiing slopes and cross-country skiing tracks, including equipment hire and lessons
  • Water sports on the Danube, e.g. rowing, canoeing
  • Ice skating rink
  • Athletics track
  • Small airport with private leisure planes
  • Rockclimbing centre
  • Tennis courts
  • Riding and livery stables

travelling to deggendorf


  • Duration: approx. 2 hours from MUC
  • Buses from the companies Flixbus and Postbus offer a direct connection between Munich airport (Terminal 2 - Terminalstraße Ost) and Deggendorf train station
  • Berlinlinienbus Bus Company travels between Deggendorf and a range of other airports, such as Frankfurt and Berlin as well as Munich airport
  • Please check the availablilty online and reserve your bus ride in advance to make sure that the desired connection won't be fully booked


How to travel from Munich airport to Deggendorf railway station by bus and train (approx. 2 hours):

  1. Exit the airport and wait for the arrival of the Freising bus, it arrives approximately every 20 minutes. Purchase a ticket from the driver.
  2. Once you have boarded the bus, remain on it until Freising train station. The train station in Freising is located very close to the bus stop, approximately 30 metres. At the train station (or at a Deutsche Bahn-DB ticket machine at the airport) purchase a Bayern Ticket, which is cheap and convenient.
  3. In the train station look at the display panels for current train information such as departure times and platforms. Take the train to Passau, this train usually departs from platform 4. If you are not sure just ask, also in English. At this point you should be in the wagon to Passau. Get off in Plattling (approx. 1 hour from Freising) and change trains to the green "Waldbahn". This train takes you directly to Deggendorf (only 2 stops, roughly 10 minutes).

Especially if your flight arrives very early or very late it is recommended to check the connection / travel schedule at www.bahn.de.
Other passengers and the staff of Deutsche Bahn are usually very friendly and helpful. They usually speak both English and German.