DIT has many research projects, which are catagorized according to their topic and the institutes involved. For a complete list of all projects, please view the German webpage.

Larger long-term projects involve:

DEG-DLM project

The DEG-DLM project: Deggendorfer Distance-Learning Model:

A central component of this research project is the redesign of educational courses to accommodate long-distance learning.

DegTrepE project

DegTrepE - Deggendorfer Treppe zum Erfolg (meaning Deggendorf Steps to Success)

This is a government sponsored process to accompany students through their studies, so that they gain step by step knowledge to professional qualifications and personal maturity.


E-WALD - Electromobility in the Bavarian Forest

The project "E-WALD - Electromobility in the Bavarian Forrest" is the largest demonstration project for electromobility in Germany. Using newly developed intelligent and integrated charging infrastructure and innovative control and communication concepts, E-WALD prooves that electromobility works in rural areas.

E-WALD research sites are DIT (Deggendorf campus), TC Teisnach, TC Freyung and TC Cham.

The E-WALD GmbH in Teisnach (www.e-wald.eu) is running the operational fleet management: 200 electric vehicles rentable at 100 eCarSharing locations enhance the lower Bavarian mobility. These EVs can be charged at 600 charching points available at 150 charching stations.

The Optimized Range Model provides a reliable, forward-facing range display for the driver of an electric vehicle. Input data are the road topography, EV parameters as state-of-Charge and ambient temperature.

Project partners are:



Technagon GmbH

hm-pv GmbH


GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH

6 countries and 87 municipials

Fast Forest Institute

The Formula Student Institute "Fast Forest"


Formula Student is an international racing series, where approximately 500 student teams from around the world compete against each other.

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