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Digitalisation in Dialogue.

Exchange and Cooperation between Universities and Industry

"Digitisation in dialogue" means exchange and cooperation between universities and industry on the comprehensive topic of "digitisation". The aim is to interlink theory and practice. The focus is on mutual learning from each other, the recognition of market needs and future trends.

THD pursues the following goals through the initiative "Digitisation in Dialogue":

  •     Further development of the study courses and courses of study with regard to digitisation
  •     Identifying the needs of the market, which should be reflected in research topics and research processes
  •     Development of student projects with partners from the economy
  •     Development of new forms of teaching in the digital age

We started our digitisation offensive with a top-class symposium under the direction of Prof. Dr. Thomas Bartscher in September 2018 and are continuing the series of events with faculty forums, the so-called DigiCamps.


At the DigiCamps the exchange between science and practice takes place: Companies and their employees are in dialogue with lecturers and researchers of the faculties and their students.


  •     Identifying digitisation trends in relevant industries or in a significant topic area with all its implications
  •     Discuss and evaluate digital trends on the basis of concrete case studies
  •     Raising awareness of the issue of digitisation
  •     Building a network for the participants

Invited are entrepreneurs and their employees, students, university members and the interested public.

contact persons:

Sabrina Ebner, M.A.


On 29 January 2020

"Digitalisation in orthopaedics - Where are the benefits for clinics, doctors and patients?"

Faculty European Campus Rottal-Inn - Head

Prof. Dr. Thomas Spittler




On 30.03.2020

DigiCamp "Artificial Intelligence (AI)" (all-day event)

Faculty Artificial Intelligence - by Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Popp

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AI Working Groups

The AI Riding Circles are a special form of DigiCamps, because here it is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are always individual topics of emphasis at the appointments.

Organizer is the Faculty of Applied Computer Science under the direction of Prof. Dr. Dr. Heribert Popp.