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Service Centres on Campus.

informs and advises all applicants and students. It provides support in choosing a course of study (decision-making problems), changing universities and difficulties or crises during the course of study.

advises on questions concerning the application procedure and admission to the course of study as well as during the course of study on matters of examination law and the completion of practical study periods.

advises students who want to spend a semester abroad, advises and supports international students, scholarship holders and guests, is responsible for the maintenance of European partnerships within the ERASMUS programme and coordinates university partnerships worldwide.

sees itself as a cooperation partner for companies, faculties, students and graduates. The primary goal is to facilitate the transition into the professional world for students and to increase their chances on the job market. The Career Service offers students the opportunity to acquire additional qualifications in addition to intensive counseling.

supports the students to move linguistically confident and appropriate in everyday, study and professional contexts. The AWP and Language Centre offers students language courses, placement tests and certificates, general science electives (AWP subjects), a tandem programme, annual language travel and much more.

as the sear of the STEM region of Lower Bavaria, provides a wide range of information and offers (extra)school STEM education in the regiona and thus supports vocational and study orientation, especially through MI(N)Tmach events. Students of the engineering sciences provide support. (STEM = science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

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