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Co-Founder wanted

Vegetable robot SEPP is looking for its co-founder

31.8.2021 | DIT Public Relations

The start-up SEPP of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) wants to conquer the market of domestic vegetable cultivation next year. SEPP farming has the vision of cultivating self-sufficient gardens with the help of a robot. It is supposed to help with watering and weeding so that the dream of having one's own vegetable garden is no longer a question of time. The team still needs reinforcement in product development (focus on software). In particular, we are looking for a co-founder with project experience. The idea of the vegetable robot will be funded by the FLÜGGE programme starting this autumn, so that the team can grow. Anyone who would like to contact the start-up can do so by e-mailing Andreas Stockinger at andreas.stockinger@th-deg.de.

Bild (DIT): Andreas Stockinger had the idea for the vegetable robot and is looking for support in the area of software development.