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AI Innovation Management

Implementing artificial intelligence in the company to create value

28.9.2020 | THD-Pressestelle

Almost every day we hear about new breakthroughs in research and development on artificial intelligence (AI). The exciting question is and remains, however, what about their implementation in companies? A four-day block event was held for the first time in September 2020 at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT). The students first learned about the basics of AI innovation management and then tested in case studies the identification of AI potential and the introduction of AI in companies. This course is probably unique, not only in Germany. It was led by Prof Dr Patrick Glauner.

Various studies conclude that currently about 80 percent of AI developments in companies do not yet create financial value or do not lead to marketable product or services. “There are many reasons for this,” explains Glauner. “One of the reasons is that classical AI teaching often only deals with purely technical aspects and ignores business management aspects”. The AI bachelor’s programme at DIT therefore offers a globally unique course on “AI Innovation Management” in addition to numerous technical courses. “By this we close this gap. We teach students what the typical challenges in companies are when introducing AI and how these challenges can be solved,” reports Glauner.

Course participant Ursula Pähler was impressed: “The course allowed me to draw parallels and differences to classical innovation management in other areas. This made me aware of the existing challenges, especially when introducing AI”. Ralf Minge, who is studying part-time, now feels much better equipped for the value-added implementation of AI in companies: “This course very impressively closes the gap between academic research on AI and its effective application in companies. I can now start directly with the value-adding implementation of AI”.

Since last year, DIT has been offering the Bachelor’s programme “Artificial Intelligence”. In October 2020, around 90 more young people will begin their studies. If you have any questions on topics related to innovation and AI, Prof Glauner can also be contacted directly at patrick.glauner@th-deg.de at any time.

Bild (DIT): Prof Dr Patrick Glauner is an expert on AI innovation in companies.