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New Professor for Cloud Computing

New Professor for Cloud Computing at DIT

5.4.2022 | DIT Public Relations

Dr Andreas Wölfl was appointed professor at the Faculty of Applied Computer Science at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT) on 1 April. The 37-year-old computer scientist, who comes from Bodenmais in the Bavarian Forest specialises in digital networks and operating systems.

The fact that DIT offers perfect conditions “for conducting industry-oriented research, actively involving students in the research process and feeding the results back into teaching” was one of the main criteria for Wölfl to take the next step in his career at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Thematically, the computer scientist’s interests lie in cloud computing. Wölfl is particularly concerned with the question of how complex software systems must be designed in order to be able to use the cloud infrastructure as efficiently and economically rewarding as possible.

The newly appointed professor studied computer science at the University of Passau. AS a research assistant, he also completed his doctorate there as part of a cooperation with Airbus Helicopters. Afterwards, Dr Wölfl worked for ONE LOGIC GmbH as Head of Development/ Operations. The medium-sized company in Passau operated in the field of data science and artificial intelligence. In his role, Wölfö was the interface between the internal development department and the customer’s IT operations. His core activity was also creating the concept of AI system architectures for start-ups, medium-sized companies and DAX corporations.

Wölfl is very much looking forward to his new tasks at DIT: "I am fascinated by the balancing act between practical research and modern teaching." For example, Wölfl wants to establish container-based virtualisation, serverless architectures, hybrid connectivity and other disciplines of cloud computing in research and teaching at DIT. "These," says the computer science professor, "are new, innovative contents for a successful as well as future- and market-oriented education of our students." Basically, competence orientation is very important to him in teaching. In other words, the ability to confidently apply learned knowledge and transfer it to complex situations. But Wölfl is also looking forward to all the upcoming research projects with great excitement. "Together with our colleagues at DIT and the renowned external industrial partners, we can and will certainly make a difference," Wölfl is certain.

Bild (DIT): From April, Prof. Dr. Andreas Wölfl will be teaching and researching in the field of cloud computing at DIT.