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Award from Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival

Graduate awarded at Los Angeles Film Festival

10.11.2020 | THD-Pressestelle

The Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival took place on Wednesday, 4 November and Thursday, 5 November. There Maximilian Stahl, media technology graduate from the Deggendorf Institute of Technology (DIT), was awarded for the short film “Accept”.

The script of the film was written and directed by Manuel Klavers. But the jury especially liked the image design of “Accept”, which was created by Maximilian Stahl. He had been involved in the film with the concept, camera work, lighting design, colour grading and visual effects, i.e. the entire image design. The jury honoured the outstanding work of the DIT alumnus with the award for “Best Cinematography” on the first day of the festival.

The short film “Accept” submitted by the people from Deggendorf is assigned to the genres horror and thriller and is about a young woman who sees uncanny characters. Her father also had this gift and was broken by it. In the film she learns to accept herself and this peculiarity.

The Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival takes place annually in Los Angeles, with film screenings in Hollywood. Due to the prevailing pandemic, this year’s festival was held virtually. A total of 13 films from various genres were show. The Los Angeles Crime & Horror Film Festival has made it its mission to show and celebrate the best of independent crime and horror films and the many sub-genres of crime fiction, true crime and psychological horror in film and new media.

Bild (DIT / Klavers / Stahl): Film scene from the short film “Accept”, which won an award for “Best Cinematography” in Los Angeles.