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Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner.

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This certificate is only offered in German!

Sharpen your Eyes

Creating value without waste - The course for sustainable optimization competence

As a Lean Expert & Kaizen Practitioner, you will introduce measures that demonstrably increase the product and process value in a step-by-step, selective perfection. With your acquired expertise, you ensure that companies produce their products without waste and under optimal economic conditions. In addition, you will support companies in the constant search for improvement at all levels (Continuous Improvement Process CIP) and thus help them to increase their competitiveness.

Many managers are convinced of the connection between Lean Management and Kaizen and have currently formulated it in their objectives. Therefore, they prefer to rely on employees and partners who are also familiar with these philosophies and who can implement the high potential that arises from the combination of both approaches.

But what exactly is behind Lean Management and Kaizen? How can these two approaches be applied to your company? What benefits are created?

These and all your other questions on this topic will be answered in a practice-oriented way in our course.


The contents are geared to the specific tasks of lean management and kaizen in the sense of the entrepreneurial efficiency concept.


  •     Gaining a basic understanding of Lean Management and the corresponding toolsets
  •     Identification of wastes, unnecessary complexities, errors, unnecessary cost drivers in both production and administration, while striving for the best possible quality
  •     Recognition and implementation of the principle "error as an opportunity" for improvement and communication of the same
  •     Understanding the critical success factors in Lean implementation
  •     Adaptation of the essential principles and instruments for the identification of operational optimization potentials into the own working environment
  •     Understanding, changing and establishing Kaizen /KVP as a corporate culture

Main topics:

  •     Introduction to the Lean Management approach, the concept and the way of thinking
  •     Objective and differentiation from other QM methods
  •     Roles and tasks
  •     7 types of waste (7V) / 7 mudas - TIMWOOD
  •     5S method with application-oriented specialisation
  •     Kaizen and Lightning Kaizen
  •     Lean Thinking as a holistic approach
  •     Introduction, barriers to introduction and pitfalls
  •     change management
  •     Practical exercises and case studies for implementation in practice

Would you like to receive further training in the field of process optimization? We also offer the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification as a 1.5-day seminar.

Target Group

  • Managers, specialists, skilled workers, employees from all areas who want to develop a sharpened eye for waste and improvement potential and actively participate in the optimisation of processes
  • Students of all colleges and universities
  • Suitable for those interested and new to the subject as well as for professionals who already work with Lean or Kaizen
  • Requirements: No special previous knowledge and prerequisites required

Organisational Matters

  • Duration: 1 day (9:00 am - 17:00 pm, incl. exam)
  • Appointment:
  • February 18, 2020
  • Course language: German
  • Completion and certification: Short written 30-minute final test at the end of the course
  • Venue: THD further education centre
  • Costs:
  •     Introductory price: 549.00 EUR (incl. participation documents, examination fee, certificate and confirmation of participation)
  •     Special price for students of all colleges and universities and trainees: 129,00 EUR
  •     The fees are free of sales tax.

Your Advantages

  • University certification: Use the high-quality Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner certificate of the Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences as the next step on the career ladder and make yourself even more valuable to employers!
  • Heterogeneous group of participants: A certification from which participants from production, service and trading companies benefit equally. It is suitable both for newcomers to the subject as well as for experts who are already working with Lean and Kaizen. Abitur is not a prerequisite!
  • Highly qualified and experienced lecturer: Benefit from the sound management and application expertise of our lecturer in the implementation and use of these methods as a long-standing executive with global management responsibility at Amazon.de and Amazon.com. He is also part of the permanent lecturer pool of the Centre for Academic Continuing Education of the THD and is regularly commissioned on the basis of excellent evaluation results.
  • Efficiency: We offer you a condensed, efficient training with many practical exercises and case studies for direct implementation.
  • Practical orientation: We provide you with a guideline for action as well as immediately usable and implementable applications.
  • Interdisciplinary contents: We consider both the production and the administrative area.


We accept registrations for the university certificate via our registration portal.

If you have any questions regarding the part-time university certificate program, please contact Ms. Jana Herbst.