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an explanation of DIt SERVICE FEEs

overview of fees

Bavaria is a favourite destination for international students with global mindsets. Snuggled in the bottom corner of Southern Germany, we are Bavaria's multi award-winning and most international University of Applied Sciences, with almost half of our student population from over 100 countries around the world. As our student population grows, our focus is to maintain and improve our exceptionally high standards and service-orientated student support.

Therefore, as a state-funded institution, minimal fees are charged to non-EU internationals to finance and sustain the quality of education and support infrastructure that is provided especially for the benefit of international students within the university. If you are a non- EU/EEA international applicant, please read through this information carefully. These fees will affect you.


fees for international applicants

€50 application fee
Why do we charge this fee?
During the application period, a team of specialists at the university review certificates and other application documents uploaded from applicants from all over the world; a verification process that is financed by the application fee. If you are a non-EU/EEA international applicant, you will be charged the fee for the application of each study programme, multiple parellel applications are accepted. Apply directly online to our universtiy via the website.


Gremienphase und Ruferteilungfees for international enrolled students

€72 student union fee
Why do we charge this fee?
This is a standard contribution that all students are required to pay each semester (the academic year consists of 2 semesters) for the Studentenwerk (student union), that provides university faciities, such as the cafeteria, canteen, or food truck (in Cham), for example


€500 DIT semester fee
Why do we charge this fee?
The DIT semester fee is a moderate fee charged to enrolled non-EU international students, payable each semester (the academic year consists of 2 semesters). It is used to finance additional practical, financial, academic and social support services for you to ensure your further growth and preparation for a career start in Germany. 



This is how we use your fees

We offer our international students fantastic services for very moderate fees. Here's a list of the how we go the extra mile to provide additional services for the integration and academic success of our international students:

study support

  • An exclusive English campus in Pfarrkirchen, the European Campus
  • Further development of the range of degree programmes taught completely in English
  • Inclusion of compulsory German classes included in all English study programmes
  • The Study Buddies programme for Deggendorf students
  • Organisation of a pre-semester orientation phase for international students at all campuses

practical support

  • Accommodation support for students at all three teaching campuses.
  • International Offices at all three teaching campuses, plus a Bavaria-Malaysia Coordination Office
  • Intercultural seminars
  • Guest lecturers from international universities
  • English taught prep courses, e.g. in Maths, available for a moderate fee
  • Language prep course based in Deggendorf for students aiming to study in German, available for a moderate fee
  • Language exam centre on campus in Deggendorf
  • Foreigner’ Office at Deggendorf campus issues residence permits
  • Health insurance assistance
  • Scholarships for international students, Deutschlandstipendium, for example
  • Our student ambassadors support you during your orientation and application phase
  • Our first semester mentors will help you as a fresher to manage your organisation and settle into your studies

social activities

  • Host family programme to bond local families with international students
  • Intercultural events such as social evenings, cinema nights, etc. in Deggendorf and the European Campus
  • International week, including "Taste the World" an international food fair in Deggendorf 
  • (Erasmus Student Network) ESN club for international students in Deggendorf
  • International tutors help with everyday life and organise activities for international students


  • CV check in several languages
  • Interview training and career preparation seminars
  • International mentoring programme, plus a job shadowing programme
  • DIT's annual job fairs in Deggendorf and the European Campus
  • DIT's online job board for students to find internships and full-time employment
  • Start-up programme for DIT graduates and students
  • Bavarian-Israeli programme for student start-ups, in cooporation with the Bavaria Israel Partnership Accelerator
  • Alumni organises international meet ups to keep graduates connected

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