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Certified professional supervisor – Curator de jure.

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Please Note!

Please note: The maximum number of participants at both course locations for the course year 2020 has been reached. Further applications for the course year 2020 will be considered via a waiting list. Applications for autumn 2021 are already possible.


More than 1,000,000 people in Germany have a caregiver. These people are dependent on the help of a legal guardian because they are no longer able to fully manage their affairs due to mental illness, diminished mental strength or other limitations.

A great deal of this valuable work is done by full-time caregivers. They are often faced with highly complex situations and problems that require a high degree of legal expertise, psychosocial key qualifications and interpersonal skills.

The carers to be appointed by the court (association carers, public authority carers, vocational carers) are prepared in the best possible way for their challenges with regard to legal, social and societal responsibility with this training and further training measure of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology - in cooperation with DIT's further training centre - and are thus enabled to acquire scientifically sound competence to act.

The primary goal is the creation of an own job description of the court-appointed occupational counselor and the associated professionalization of the same.

The combination of teaching theoretical content tailored to the job description and extremely practical application should be a key feature of this certificate.

Target Group

The target group consists of persons who, on the basis of their life and professional experience, are suitable to carry out the supervision in the individual areas of responsibility in a highly qualified manner (§ 1897 Para. 6 BGB), meet the judicial admission requirements according to § 1897 BGB and have at least two years of professional experience as supervisors.


  •     Module Legal competence 1
    •     Introduction to Civil Law
    •     Special consideration of legal capacity
    •     Legal basis of the support
  •     Module Self-reflection and personality
  •     Module Crisis Communication and Communication Psychology
  •     Module Legal Competence 2
    •     The judicial assistance procedure and accommodation
    •     Individual questions of the care process
    •     Basic principles of social law
  •     Module Psychology and clinical pictures
  •     Module Advanced Communication
    •     Conflict techniques and mediation
    •     Dialogue techniques
    •     Coaching of the supervised person
  •     Module Fundamentals of Business Administration
    •     The supervisor as entrepreneur
  •     Practice module Critical Incidents 1 and 2
  •     Covision and supervision of practical cases and complex special cases
  •     Module Transfer Seminar
    •     Practical scientific case documentation of 10 complex practical cases
  •     Final colloquium/defence

Examination forms are written examinations (legal modules), student research projects (soft skill modules) and oral colloquia. Academic work already completed can be credited upon application and decision by the examination board.

Upon completion of the training and further education programme, a university certificate from the Deggendorf University of Technology is acquired, which can be used to prove qualification as a "Certified Career Supervisor - Curator de Jure".

Duration, scope and practical scientific level correspond to a workload of 90 ECTS with a total workload of 2,700 hours and is designed to meet the requirements of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH XII ZB 86/16 of 12.04.2017) regarding the remuneration increase in § 4 para. 1, sentence 2 no. 2 of the Act on the Remuneration of Guardians and Supervisors (VBVG).

The training and further training will be spread over a period of four semesters and will start in October 2019 at the TH Deggendorf and probably in November 2019 in Hamburg in cooperation with the ipb. It will conclude after the transfer seminar with a colloquium in summer 2021.

The courses in Deggendorf are divided as follows:

    1 time per month from Monday to Thursday in block
    Bavarian school holidays are lecture-free
    d. R. Lecture time 8:30 am to 5:45 pm
    Examinations directly after completion of the respective module

and take place in the THD's further education centre. A detailed semester plan will follow shortly. Information on the university certificate in Hamburg on request.

You can find the certificate flyer here.

Your Lecturers*

Horst Böhm
Präsident des Landgerichts Regensburg a.D., Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Johannes Friedrich
Richter am Sozialgericht Regensburg, Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Rudolf Helmhagen
Leitender Oberstaatsanwalt der Staatsanwaltschaft Deggendorf, Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Dr. Franz Kilger
Präsident des Landgerichts Deggendorf a.D., Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Stefan Koerffer
Curator de Jure, Lehrbeauftragter der THD, Initiator und Gründer Curator de Jure

Dr. Hans Simmerl
Leitender Arzt BKH Mainkofen, Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Reinhold Spanl
Hochschullehrer a.D., Lehrbeauftragter der THD

Prof. Dipl.Theol.Univ. Peter Johann Schmieder
Professor „Human Skill Management“, Zertifikatsleiter, Gründer Curator de Jure

Dr. med. Kerstin Wundsam
Systemischer Coach, Lehrbeauftragte der THD

*subject to correction


Formal requirements for participation in the training and further education programme "Certified Vocational Supervisor/Curator de Jure" are alternatively

    a completed vocational training course, or
    the university or technical college entrance qualification

as well as the fulfilment of the judicial admission requirements according to § 1897 BGB and at least two years of professional experience as a supervisor. The openness and willingness for self-reflection and the integration of the participants into the social dynamics of further education is a further admission requirement, as well as the cognitive competence to successfully complete this training.

The decision on admission is the responsibility of the admission committee or the examination board.


€ 4,400 per semester, plus € 1,150 one-time administration fee.

You can find the application form here.