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Data Analytics.

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This certificate is only offered in German!

The Smart use of Big Data

Whether in trade or industry - in all sectors of the economy, data is considered the new oil of the 21st century. Data is the raw material from which specialists in companies gain valuable insights through analysis, calculate forecasts for the future or automate decision-making processes.

According to current studies, every second company is currently looking for these data specialists and only a third feel well positioned in this area. These specialists are correspondingly sought-after. However, they are in absolute short supply on the job market.

In order to give interested parties the opportunity to gain appropriate qualifications in this field alongside their job, DIT's Centre for Academic Further Education offers the university certificate course Data Analytics. Become a sought-after data analyst!

Certificate Content

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Target Group

  •     People who are already confronted with questions concerning data analysis and data processing in their professional work and who would like to intensify their knowledge or learn new knowledge.
  •     Interested parties with professional or academic training in a commercial, technical or scientific field, who already have some experience in handling data.
  •     Professionals and students
  •     Participation requires a high level of IT affinity, but no special IT knowledge is required

Organisational matters

  • Innovative learning concept: Our innovative learning format combines web conferences, virtual self-learning components and face-to-face events to ensure high flexibility in time and place.
  • Duration: The training lasts a total of five weeks and is extra-occupational. It is geared to the needs of full-time employees.
  • Course language: German
  • Nächster Kurs:
  • Time model: The time concept includes 4 presence days (Fridays and/or Saturdays) and 1 appointment as a web conference in plenary on a weekday from 18:30 to 20:00. You also have the possibility to use short online individual meetings with the lecturer.mit dem Dozent zu nutzen.
  • Degree/certificate: certificate Data Analytics after presentation of the accompanying project work., which can be realized using data from your company as well as with a data set provided by the lecturer.
  • Costs:  999 EUR




Our Services - Your Benefits

  • All methods covered in the university certificate course are implemented using the Python programming language and practiced using practical examples.
  • Use the high-quality university certificate as a career springboard.
  • The accompanying project work can be implemented using data from your company or a data set provided by us.
  • Benefit from Florian Wahl's profound knowledge in statistics and data analysis.
  • You can expect a combination of web conferences comfortably from home, virtual self-learning and face-to-face events. This allows the greatest possible flexibility to integrate the training optimally into your everyday life.
  • The course is characterised by a close interlocking of theory and practice. Through numerous case studies, you will learn to independently apply the procedures covered in the course.


We accept applications for the university certificate course via our registration portal.

If you have any questions about the part-time university certificate program, please contact Ms. Jana Herbst.

  •     The number of participants is limited to 20 persons.
  •     A maximum of 8 students per course can participate in the university certificate course.