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  • Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
  • Duration: 5 semesters / (Master thesis in the 5th semester) 
  • Start: annually in the summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 January
    • Max. participants: 20 students
    • If you are still interested in studying this degree after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to provide you with information about available places. 
  • Time required for the attendance periods:  
    • Lectures will be held in block mode max. once per month. The block seminars will be held in 3 day- (Thursday-Saturday) and 2 day-models (Friday and Saturday).
    • Bavarian school holidays are lecture-free

Special feature: The master's degree programme provides an individual focus through four subject-specific compulsory elective modules

Fees: €3,500 / Semester + € 72 student union fee/Semester + 1x administration fee € 1,150

target group

  • The degree programme is aimed at Bachelor graduates who wish to acquire comprehensive professional and methodological skills in the areas of general and specific business psychology.
  • Basic knowledge of business management processes are desirable.

course content

1. Semester

  • Research Methods
  • General Psychology I
  • Social Psychology

2. Semester

  • Staff Psychology
  • General Psychology II
  • Organisational Psychology

3. Semester

  • Behavioural Economics
  • Consumer, Market & Advertising Research
  • Subject-specific Compulsory Elective Module I:
    • Qualitative Methods OR Differential Psychology

4. Semester

  • Subject-specific Compulsory Elective Module II:
    • Conflict & Mediation OR Counselling, Coaching & Supervision
  • Subject-specific Compulsory Elective Module III:
    • Instructional Design & Educational Psychology OR Health Psychology
  • Subject-specific Compulsory Elective Module IV:
    • Psychology & Digitalisation OR Human Factors & Behavioral Design

5. Semester

  • Master thesis & defence

The FWP modules I-IV offer you the opportunity to set individual focal points in terms of content from economic and psychological fields of competence. For more information and the design of the FWP modules, please contact Corina Welsch.

your benefits

  • Bring current topics from your everyday professional life into the lecture
  • Individual, content-related focus through FWP modules
  • Immediate theory-practice transfer
  • Lectures in seminar/workshop format
  • Student research projects and Master thesis on your own company
  • Excellent lecturers from academia and businesses
  • Small study groups, informal atmosphere, also with professors and lecturers
  • Compatibility of work and study - time concept for full-time professionals


Admission requirements

  • Completed studies at a recognised college or university with a work load of a minimum of 180 ECTS
  • At least 1 year of professional experience after completion of the first degree
  • Successful completion of the application procedure including an orientation interview

Application Master Business Psychology

Applications are accepted throughout the year. The application deadline for the start in March 2022 is 15 January 2022. If you are still interested in studying after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to provide you with information about available places.

Apply online via the university's application portal Primuss  for part-time degree programmes with the following documents:

  • CV in tabular form (signed) with passport photograph
  • Copy of university entrance qualification
  • Copy of the transcript of the first degree
  • Proof of professional experience (at least 1 year) after completion of first degree, e.g. confirmation from employer or work certificate
  • Letter of motivation (signed)

We will get back to you as soon as we have checked your documents.

contact & support

You still got questions? You can reach us on WhatsApp. Click here for our WhatsApp Support.

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