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Frequently Asked Questions from Students


  • Exam registration and deregistration

Examination registration takes place during the official registration period via Primuss.
Proper withdrawal from an examination is possible up to the eighth day before the examination. From the seventh day before the examination, the system is blocked. 
Attention: "If there is no effective withdrawal after this date and the student has missed the examination for reasons for which he/she is responsible, the grade "not sufficient" is to be awarded".


  • Deadlines and dates for repeat examinations / foundation and orientation examinations

The first repeat examination (second attempt) usually takes place after a maximum of six months (= in the following semester). The second repeat examination (third attempt) must be taken within a period of twelve months (= after two semesters) after the result of the assessment of the previous repeat examination has been announced.
Please note: There is no automatic registration for the examination. The examination must be registered for during the regular registration period. If the examination is not repeated in due time, a deadline five is automatically assigned.

For an overview of the foundation and orientation examinations of a degree programme, please refer to the respective study and examination regulations.
If these are not taken for the first time in the required semester, you will automatically receive a deadline five. This is when the process of retaking examinations begins.

Even if not all examinations have been taken for the first time at the end of the standard period of study, you will still receive a deadline five!


  • Case of illness

If you fall ill after the withdrawal period of a registered examination, a medical certificate is required. Only the following certificate may be accepted:


The certificate must be issued by the doctor on the day of the examination at the latest. The original of this certificate must be submitted to the Study Centre within three working days (Mon-Fri) after the examination. If another certificate or the certificate is submitted late, the grade 5.0N (administrative five) will be awarded.


  • See Higher Education Law: Framework Examination Regulations of the Bavarian Universities (RaPO), General Examination Regulations (APO) of the DIT, Study and Examination Regulations (for each degree programme).



You have three chances to pass an exam, when you sit it for the third time you are required to pass otherwise you cannot continue on your chosen course and will be  deregistered. You could possibly begin another degree course at DIT,  or start to study at another university. The examination committee will decide if you can begin another degree course in a higher semester or if you must start from the beginning. All this depends of course on your legal obligations if you are not an EU citizen. Please be aware that for every application an individual application must be made.

We recommend that you contact the International Office and your assistant in the faculty to talk about your options.

You could also use our exam support und psycho social support.



You are not qualified to repeat you studies on same course at DIT again.

It is possible to apply at DIT for the first semester and a higher semester for other degree programmes (during the application deadlines)

If you wish to change to a degree programme at another university, please contact the university of your choice directly to find out whether a change is possible.

If you have not sent an application during the application deadlines, please enquire at DIT or other universities about an extended application deadline.


Changing universities in Bavaria is no problem with regard to the course of studies and the examination regulations in the same degree programme.

However, the prerequisite is a timely application for enrolment or admission to the host university and de-registration at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

Changing from a Bavarian university to a non-Bavarian university or vice versa will, however, pose problems in most cases. In addition to the recognition of the higher education entrance qualification, difficulties may also arise in the recognition of study periods and examination credits already earned due to the different curricula and the differing examination regulations.

After passing the Bachelor's examination, graduates of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology are entitled to transfer to a university, university of the arts or comprehensive university without restriction to one subject area.

The individual requirements for enrolement in a subject area at the university concerned remain unaffacted.

Contact: zsb@th-deg.de



Yes, a change of course is generally possible. Please use the regular online application procedure. Admission to the first semester follows after the normal selection process and admissions to higher semesters are only possible when there are free places on the chosen course and all prerequisites are fulfilled.

Any previous exam results will be reviewed and credited wherever possible during the enrolment process.

Contact: international-office@th-deg.de



If the standard study period is exceeded by more than two semesters, all bachelor's and master's exams for which have not yet been taken for the first time are evaluated as failed due to absence.

We recommend that you sit all the appropiate exams as described in the Academic Regulations, so you don't get behind with your credits.

Contact the International Office and your assistant in the faculty to talk about your options.



Alternatives to studying

What options are available to me if my choice of studies does not reflect my personal interests?

If I am dissatisfied with my academic performance?

If I have already thought about changing my degree programme or university several times or even discontinuing my studies?

We are always available for a personal counselling interview and will be happy to support or accompany you on an alternative career path.

Student & academic councelling / Career Service

The Student & Academic Councellors and the Career Service at the Deggendorf Institute of Technology are the first point of contact on campus. If you have difficulties with your studies or are looking for alternatives to studying, we are always there to help you with advice and support. Come to us in good time, because there's always a solution. Our service includes:

  • Pointing out alternatives to studying or making contact with the relevant contac people in industry and trade
  • Application training
  • Change of study programme
  • Change of university
  • Psychosocial counselling centres
  • Social counselling

Contact us: For further questions, please contact the Student & Academic Councellors or Claudia Probst (Career Service).

Federal Agency for Employment

The Agency for Employment offers individual counselling sessions after prior registration in order to support students with a wide range of questions and problems during and at the end of their studies:

Desire for (re)orientation:

  • Change of subject, change of university
  • (Threatened) discontinuation of studies
  • Problems with student financing

Joint development of individual problem solutions and development of new career goals in alternative academic or non-academic occupational fields close to the degree programme.

Training request:

  • Counselling and placement in training or a dual study programme
  • Check of application documents, application training
  • financial aid

Suitability diagnostics

  • Aptitude tests for field of study
  • Health aptitude testing, assistance for students with job-related health restrictions

Health study aptitude

You can register via telephone 0800 4 5555 00 (Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm, free of charge) or online for a consultation at the Federal Agency for Employment Deggendorf. If you are registered in another district, the relevant agency for employment will also offer individual counselling. Please ask for an appointment directly there!