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Technology Management, M.Eng.

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The Master's programme in Technology Management is primarily aimed at graduates of the Diploma or Bachelor's programmes in Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The primary goal of the course is to deepen and plausibilise the basics gained so far with practice-relevant applications in the innovation process and product development context and to expand the basic knowledge in a scientifically sound manner. Students should be made familiar with the entire product development process, which is the structural element of the course, in an application-oriented manner.

The subjects of the programme are therefore closely linked to the various phases of product development (innovation, product definition, process definition, production and sustainability) at many different points in the processes.

Since the perspective of the producing company is taken, this core area is secondary to competences in the area of corporate management.

The subject-related methodological competence acquired in the course of study can be applied after graduation in the central areas of corporate development, market research, quality and risk management and technology control. By preparing students not only for a job in industry, but also for a scientific profession or further academic qualification in the form of a doctorate, the aim of the programme to scientifically enable its clientele becomes tangible. Students are enabled to work independently (method development, method selection, method evaluation) and to lead interdisciplinary teams.

fact sheet Technology Management

Degree: Master of Engineering (M.Eng.)

Duration: 3 semesters

Start: Winter semester

Location: Deggendorf

Course language: German

Fees : No tuition fees, only €62 student service fee per semester


Career prospects

Competence Field Innovation and Engineering:

In the entrepreneurial environment, technological development takes place within the framework of projects. This builds on the existing basis of project management. The translation into market-relevant and thus marketable products requires a reliable competence in action and methods in the areas of corporate development (portfolio technology, roadmapping, technology strategies,...), market research of concrete innovation and decision techniques, as well as quality management and technology control.

Competence field corporate management:

Technologies operate in a regional and international environment. Therefore, the requirements are of a business and economic nature. The resulting legal challenges require a fundamental assessment competence based on sustainability.

Product planning and production technology:

The "translation" of technologies into products or products that can be produced. The decisive competence is the control of the technology and its production for its economic usability. The specifications and logistical aspects are of particular importance.

The optional compulsory subjects offered offer an opportunity for in-depth study and concretisation and refer to professionalisation already undertaken or to be undertaken (technical sales, sourcing, strategic management, company foundation - national and international). Above all, the opportunity to study in other European or North American countries is an essential part of the training.

Subject Overview

Übersicht über die Lehrveranstaltungen, SWS (Semesterwochenstunden) und ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) im StudiengangMaster Technologiemanagement.


. Semester SWS ECTS
Projektmanagement II 2
Business Development und Marktforschung - Werkzeuge zur Innovation 4
Fallstudie Innovation 4 6
Hot Topics in Economics 4 4
Rechtsfragen im Unternehmen 4 4
Pflichtenheft und FMEA 4 4
Fallstudie Pflichtenheft und FMEA 4 6
2. Semester SWS ECTS
Werkzeuge zur Entwicklung 4 4
Qualität und Controlling II 4 4
Fallstudie Engineering 2 3
Ausgewählte Themen zur Produktion 3 4
Logistik 2 2
Fallstudie Produktionstechnik 3 5
Statistik im Unternehmen 4 4
Wahl eines FWP- Faches
(Fachwissenschaftlichen Wahlpflichtmodules)
4 4
-> Technologiethemen    
-> Technischer Vertrieb    
-> Betriebswirtschaftliche Themen    
-> Führen eines Ingenieurbüros    
-> Auslandsaufenthalt: Santa Clara (USA)    
3. Semester SWS ECTS
Werte und Strategieentwicklung  2 2
Methoden der Prozesssteuerung und Optimierung 4 4
Masterarbeit   24