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Six Sigma Yellow Belt.

Centre for Academic Further Education

This certificate is only offered in German!

Find Errors, Make Processes Measurable and Optimise them

Cost reduction through customer-oriented process optimisation using statistical methods

Against the background of increasing globalisation and the associated steady growth in international competition, more and more companies are turning to Six Sigma as a process optimisation method.

Six Sigma is commonly referred to as a "breakthrough strategy". The reasons are, on the one hand, that customer orientation is at the centre and, on the other hand, that it is not superficially about achieving countless small improvements. With Six Sigma, significant optimization and error reduction lead to long-term, sustainable results.

As a certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt, you are able to work independently on manageable improvement projects and lead them successfully. This applies not only to technical processes, but also to all cross-divisional processes in companies (e.g. administration, logistics).

Organisational Matters

  • Degree: University certificate Six Sigma Yellow Belt of the Deggendorf Institute of Technology after final exam
  • Requirements: for professionals & students, no special previous knowledge required; a non-programmable calculator
  • Course language: German
  • Time concept: 1.5 days
    • 1st day: 9am - 5pm
    • 2nd day: 9am - 1pm
  • Dates:
    • 20/21 October 2020 as Live-Stream online course with virtual participation and the possibility to interact
    • 24/25 November 2020 as Live-Stream online course with virtual participation and the possibility to interact
  • Location: Centre for Further Academic Education at DIT
                            It is possible that due to the COVID-19 situation there are no actual courses possible, and live-stream online courses will be offered instead.
  • Costs:
    • regular price: € 579 (incl. participation documents, examination fee, certificate
    • Special price for students of all colleges and universities and trainees: €126
    • The participation fee is free of tax.
  • Information material: Of course, we will send you all information material for free. Please fill in this document.

Target Group

  • Specialists and managers from all areas, skilled workers, employees
  • Students of all colleges and universities
  • Participants from production, service and trading companies
  • All those who would like to introduce Six Sigma or would like to learn more about the method

Based on the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, you can also complete the Six Sigma Green Belt with us.

In addition, our 1-day university certificate course Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner, which we offer on a regular basis, can be booked.


Within the Six Sigma hierarchy, Green and Black Belts will support you through their competent cooperation in Six Sigma projects. Based on the knowledge gained in the course, you will act as a valuable partner and important driver for continuous process optimization. You are familiar with effective team tools and proven methods that enable you to manage project teams. In addition, you will learn to introduce and implement improvement measures in a targeted manner.

The course is enriched by numerous practical exercises, case studies and field reports.

The main topics are geared to the specific tasks of Yellow Belts in the Six Sigma organization.

Main topics:

  •     Introduction to the Six Sigma method
  •     Assets and drawbacks
  •     Demarcation and objectives
  •     Roles and tasks in the Six Sigma organization
  •     Project management according to the DMAIC method (Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve, Control)
  •     Project phases of the DMAIC cycle
  •     Basics statistics
  •     Software tools (Excel, MINITAB)
  •     Ishikawa
  •     FMEA

Your Advantages

  • Career springboard: a certificate from the TH Deggendorf, which enables you to work internationally in quality and process management
  • Practical orientation: a course that guarantees practical exercises and is underpinned by practical examples Course The Yellow Belt certification is taught by a trainer from the field and offers immediately usable applications
  • Highly qualified and experienced trainer in the area of Six Sigma: Benefit from the profound user expertise of our instructor in the implementation and use of this method as a long-standing executive with global leadership responsibility at Amazon.de and Amazon.com. He also belongs to the permanent pool of lecturers of the Center for Academic Continuing Education of the TH Deggendorf and is regularly commissioned on the basis of excellent evaluation results.
  • Heterogeneous group of participants: For professionals and students - a certification from which participants from all sectors benefit, suitable for beginners as well as for experts - high school diploma is not a prerequisite
  • Introductory price of only 499 €; for students of all colleges and universities and trainees only 99 €. This price includes participation documents, examination fee and certificate.
  • Efficiency: the certificate "Six Sigma Yellow Belt" of the Deggendorf University of Technology according to ISO 13053-1/2:2011 - efficient and intensive in only one and a half days after written final test

Reviews from Participants


F. Arndt, Operations Specialist

"On the recommendation of my supervisor, two of my colleagues and I attended the Six Sigma Yellow Belt course in Deggendorf. The extremely high quality of the course and the realistic examples made us book the university certificate course Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner immediately afterwards. Due to these two additional qualifications, I was proactively offered a new position, which i will accept. Therefore, I do not only consider these courses as enrichment, I know that they are one. I am looking forward to the next part."

C. Ciesla; DB Regio Bus, Bavarian Region

"I can recommend the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificate from the Centre for Further Academic Education at DIT to everyone. Firstly, the contents are understandably obtained, secondly, the necessary extent of the course is offered, which supports me vocationally. Especially the corresponding documents help me structure and measure projects. The strongest advantage of the course is the university certificate. The certificate was a good means for me to distinguish myself from competitors. I was able to use the certificate successfully in the job interview and thus I got the job with the desired salary."

Carsten Kipper, Project Manager Banking, Frankfurt a. M.

"I really enjoyed my time with you and I will gladly recommend the courses to others. Although I had a long journey to attend, I immediately registered for the university certificate course Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner with the same lecturer after taking the Six Sigma Yello Belt certification. It's definitely worthwhile to be there, even if the journey is a little bit longer."

Gerhard Koller, distance learning student at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Electrical Engineering

" A very big thank you for the great, professionally high-quality Six Sigma Seminar and the perfect preparation and execution! I emailed all my student colleagues yesterday and made clear that they all have to come to the Centre for Further Academic Education in Deggendorf."

Robert Kusch, master student in the course of studies Logistics at the Hof University of Applied Sciences

"The Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification was a success due to the good practical relevance and the interactive discussion round with the lecturer and the course participants. By th attained certification I am pleased to be allowed to participate in future Six Sigma projects. Students in Hof are very enthusiastic about the entire event including the organisation."

P. Hoffmann, assistance management; Freiberg am Neckar

"The certificate course was very interesting for me - as someone who has been in the profession for a few years . and the lecturer was very professionable and likeable. He was able to cover the learning content with many practical examples on the subject of Six Sigma. Many thanks for the great organisation."

P. Janda, student in the Bachelor's degree Industrial Engineering and Management at DIT

"I particularly liked the practical relevance and the high learning effect due to the small group size and the mixture of practitioners and students. The balance of theory and practoce as well as the competent lecturer ensured a successful seminar. I am already looking forward to putting my acquired knowledge into practice!"

Participant Interview


Michael Foster is currently studying part-time General Management in Bad Honnef. He has successfully completed both the university certificate Lean Management & Kaizen Practitioner and the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification at the Centre for Further Academic Education at DIT and was happy to answer our questions.

Why did you decide to book the Six Sigma Yellow Belt certificat immediately after the first course?

I was already so enthusiastic about the first course. There are not many training courses where you come to work the next day and immediately know how to use the tools you have learned.

How do you think the certificates of the Centre for Further Academic Education at DIT stand out from others?

First of all, these courses are held by a motivated lecturer from the practice who is a real expert in his field.

Secondly, it is a compact and practice-oriented training concept with practice phases, whereby the participants are individually involved.

And what's more important is that the courses are suitable for everyone: from students to practitioners who has been practicing for years. This is mainly due to the technical and didactic competence of the instructor, who will meet each participant at their own level.

What is the next step for you with regards to the topic of process management?

I will continue using the tools I've acquired with enthusiasm every day and expand my knowledge in this regard. I will be tackling the Six Sigma Green Belt in the foreseeable future and will be happy to return to your Centre for Further Academic Education at any time for further training.

The interview was conducted by Jana Herbst on 6 December 2018.