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from clerk to competent decision maker in the new working worlds with esg, csr, grc & ki

course details

Language: All lectures will be held in German only

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Duration: 11 semesters (incl. internship semester)

  • 7 or 8 semesters for those with prior vocational training.
  • Previous qualifications can be recognised (e.g. technician, master craftsman, business administrator)
  • University certificate course can also be recognised

Start of studies & application deadline:

  • Start: Annually in the summer semester (March)
  • Application deadline: 15 January
  • If you are still interested in studying after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to provide you with information about available places.

Location: Deggendorf

Costs:  1,500/semester + € 72 fee/semester

Events: Information events can be found in the event calendar.

Corina Welsch is also available for a personal consultation

target group

Der Studiengang richtet sich an alle Interessenten, die nach einem generalistischen Studium suchen, das die Themenbereiche soziale, ökonomische und ökologische Nachhaltigkeit, Governance, Digitalisierung, rechtliche Kompetenzen und BWL vereint.

Besonders interessant ist der Studiengang für folgende Interessenten, da das Studium für Sie verkürzt studierbar ist:

  • Absolvent:innen des Hochschulzertifikatskurses Nachhaltigkeit (ESG/CSR), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC): hier ist eine Anerkennung von bis zu 4 Semestern möglich (Prüfung auf Nachfrage)
  • Techniker, Meister und Fachwirte: hier ist eine Anrechnung von bis zu 3 Semestern möglich (Prüfung auf Nachfrage)
  • Studieren ohne Abitur: Beruflich Qualifizierte (d.h. 2 Jahre Ausbildung + 3 Jahre Berufspraxis) - hier ist ebenfalls eine Anrechnung von bis zu 3 Semestern möglich

Das Studium ist durch seine berufsbegleitende Konzeption auch für Berufstätige ohne Abitur aus allen wirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Ausbildungsrichtungen geeignet.

The study programme is aimed at all interested parties who are looking for a generalist study programme that combines the topics of social, economic and ecological sustainability, governance, digitalisation, legal competences and business administration.

The study programme is particularly interesting for the following interested parties, as the study programme can be shortened for them:

  • Graduates of the university certificate course in sustainability (ESG/CSR), governance, risk & compliance (GRC): here, recognition of up to 4 semesters is possible (examination on request).
  • Technicians, Master Craftsmen and Specialised Managers: here a credit of up to 3 semesters is possible (examination on request)
  • Studying without Abitur: Vocationally qualified students (i.e. 2 years of training + 3 years of work experience) - here, too, credit of up to 3 semesters is possible.

Due to its extra-occupational conception, the programme is also suitable for employed people without Abitur from all economic and legal fields of education.

course content

1. Semester  
Basics of Economics, Business Administration & Governance  
Basics of Informatics  
Basics of Law & Compliance  
Basics in Business English  
2. Semester  
Basics in Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) - Management System and CSR-Reporting  
Sustainability Management, Governance and Digitalisation (NGD) in Human Resources Management  
Risk and Compliance Management System      
IT Infrastructure Management and Information Security Management System (ISMS)  
3. Semester  
Product Compliance, Contract Management, ICS and Auditing  
Basics in Programming  
Scientific Research, Quantitative, Qualitative and Evidence-Based Methods  
Legally Compliant Organisational Development and Quality Management System  
4. Semester  
Business Process and Business Continuity Management  
Learning, Presentation and Management Techniques      
Applied Statistics and Stochastics  
Behavioural Economics and Organisational Psychology  
5. Semester  
Intercultural Competences and Social Skills 
Process Digitalisation and Automation
Agile Project Management 
Communication, Media Competence and Marketing
6./7. Semester  
Practical semester 1 and 2 (recognision possible)  
8. Semester  
Elective module semester (credits possible)  
9. Semester  
NGD in Natural Sciences (focus on Computer Science and Bionics)  
NGD in Technical Sciences (focus on Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering)      
NGD in Social Sciences (focus on Media Studies)  
NGD in Humanities (focus on Philosophy and Ethics)  
10. Semester  
Advanced Studies in Law and Environmental Law   
Technical and economic aspects of digitalisation  
Business English - Subject-related specialisation  
Financial Management - Processes and Taxonomy  
11. Semester  
Businessplan / ESG-Rating / ESG-Due Dilligence  
Bachelor Thesis  



Admission requirements

University entrance qualification (one of the three options):

  • Successfully completed (Fach-) Abitur OR
  • Successfully completed advanced training (Fachwirt, Meister, Techniker, etc.) OR
  • Professional qualification (completed vocational training followed by 3 years of professional experience)

If you have already attended the university certificate course in Sustainability (ESG/CSR), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), you are welcome to submit the final certificate to us for recognition on the degree programme.

If additional qualifications (specific further education and training) can be proven, these can also be recognised in individual cases if necessary (examination on application).

Application Bachelor Sustainability, Governance and Digitalisation

Applications are accepted all year round. The application deadline for the start in September 2022 is 15 July 2022. If you are still interested in studying after the deadline, Corina Welsch will be happy to provide you with information about available places.

Application procedure

Apply online via the university's application portal Primuss for part-time degree programmes with the following documents:

  • Copy of ID
  • CV in tabular form (signed) with passport photograph
  • Copy of university entrance qualification 
    • Abitur: school leaving certificate
    • Vocational qualification: training certificate
    • Other qualifications: Certificate of technician, master craftsman or specialist examination
  • In the case of vocational qualification:
    • Proof of professional experience (employer's confirmation or employer's reference).

We will get back to you as soon as we have checked your documents.

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