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specialise in global tourism

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international tourism management / health & medical tourism, b.a.

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specialise in global tourism

This degree provides you with broad and methodical skills through practical instruction based on economic principles. The specifics of business and tourism, key qualifications, implementation skills and innovative ability are developed. You will acquire social and international skills that will enable you to cope completely and confidently with the complex and intercultural environment of tourism, especially health and medical tourism. Against the background of the increasing globalisation of the tourism industry, we attach great importance to developing your language skills.

fact sheet international tourism management

Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Duration: 7 semesters (3.5 years)

ECTS points: 210

Start: October (winter semester)

Location: European Campus Rottal-Inn, Pfarrkirchen

Taught in: English

Application period: 15 April - 15 July

Admission requirements:


  • Prior knowledge in the basics of economics would be advantageous

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Enquiries: welcome@th-deg.de prospective student advisors

career prospects

This degree focuses on a diverse qualification which enables gradutes to launch careers in a wide variety of areas throughout the health and tourism sector. They are able to effectively manage high-level daily business and competently implement projects using their expert knowledge. In addition, graduates should be able to take over the management of smaller companies as well as work in a wide range of leadership roles in health and tourism industries.

Graduates work with a systemic approach in a scientifically founded and ethically reflected manner. This objective is aided by the practical section of the course which includes internships in selected national and international institutions and organizations that work in close coordination with the Deggendorf Institute of Technology.

In order to reach the learning objectives outlined, a practice-oriented, applied approach is of particular importance. The application and transfer of scientific knowledge to concrete current issues in health and medical tourism is ensured through the programme’s focus on diverse areas of application. Through participation in inter-professional projects, teamwork skills and interdisciplinary competencies will be developed. The flexible course structure allows students to develop technical, career field-oriented skills early on in their studies.

Career prospects are in:

  • Hotels
  • Wellness facility management
  • Clinics
  • Organisations
  • Assistances
  • International health agents
  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Research

alumni profile

Fayez Abdul Razeq

2019 | International Tourism Development

Career Development

After my master’s degree at DIT I worked as a front office agent at the IBB Hotel for three months. Afterwards I got a job as assistant to the reception manager in a different hotel. Due to Corona I am currently looking for a job again. I am looking for a job as reception manager or an assistant reception manager, both in the hotel industry.

Reminiscing allowed: remember your student days

My studies at the European Campus Rottal-Inn were interesting, challenging and a lot of fun. I gained a lot of experience, got to know international students and met many different people from different cultures.

What advice would you give to today’s students?

I would advise students to take advantage of the opportunity to gain experience during their studies through internships and participating in student activities.

Why should international students choose ECRI?

All courses at ECRI are in English. This allows students to further improve their English language skills. ECRI also offers a wide range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.


subject overview

Overview of the courses (From the Study and Examination Regulations, WS 15/16), Weekly Semester Hours (SWS) and ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) for the Bachelor's degree International Tourism Management.


1. Semester                        


Foreign Language 11 4 4
Personal & Scientific Development 4 6
Applied Statistics & Data Analysis 4 5
Fundamentals of Business Administration 4 5
Economy & Society 4 5
Introduction to Tourism Management with Focus on Medical and Health Tourism 4 5
2. Semester SWS ECTS
Foreign Language 21 2  2
Scientific Compulsory Elective Subjects  1 (AWP) 2  2
Accounting & Controlling 4  5
Marketing in Health & Medical Tourism 1 - Basic Principles and Markets 4  5
Quantitative & Qualitative Research 4  6
Medical Basics for Tourism Professionals 4  5
Intercultural Management in International Health & Medical Tourism 4 5
3. Semester SWS ECTS
Foreign Language 31 4 4
Compliance, Process & Quality Management in Health & Medical Tourism 4 5
Marketing in Health & Medical Tourism 2 - Digital Services Marketing 4 6
Corporate Management & Leadership 4 5
Hospitality Management 4 5
Project Management 4 5
4. Semester SWS ECTS
Foreign Language 41 2 2
Scientific Compulsory Elective Subjects 2 (AWP) 2 2
Legal Aspects in Tourism 4  5 
Innovation, Product Development & Service Design in Health & Medical Tourism 4 6
ICT Application Systems in Health & Medical Tourism 4 5
Medical Wellness & Spa Management 4 5
Health Care Management & Health Provision 4 5
5. Semester SWS ECTS
Internship (18 weeks) - 26
Block Seminar to accompany the internship (PLV) 1 2  2 
Block Seminar to accompany the internship (PLV) 2 2 2
6. Semester SWS ECTS
Bachelor Thesis Tutorial (Scientific Workshop) 4  5
Natural Ressources in Health Tourism 4   5 
Entrepreneurship 4  5
Contemporary Issues in International Health & Medical Tourism 4  5
Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence in Health & Medical Tourism 4  5
Management of Tour Operators and Facilitators in Medical Tourism 4  5
7. Semester SWS ECTS
Bachelor Thesis - 10 
Transport & Mobility Management 4 5
Cooperation and Network Management in Health & Medical Tourism 4 5
Ethics & Sustainability in International Health & Medical Tourism 4  5 
Health Destination Management 4 5
   140 210


The modules "Foreign Language I - IV" are to be chosen from the schedule of the Language and Electives Centre. For all language courses attendance of at least 75% is compulsory.

international focus

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology is proud to be an affiliate member of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Thanks to the strong international focus at the European Campus, our global network keeps us at the academic forefront of International Tourism.

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